Tuesday, January 03, 2012

At the wedding party,
the wife walks around showing the just married husband's dick
to all the guests
This should be a ceremony tradition to be done at every wedding ...
What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Absolutey nice!

Anonymous said...

I agree:
it should be a traditional wedding ceremony

Anonymous said...

I love this pic!
I would like to attend sucha wedding ceremony!

Anonymous said...

I heard that in Japan according to an old tradition, the future wife has to be shown naked to the future husband's parents before the wedding ...
I don't know if it's true ...
but it could be a great idea having a similar ceremony for the future husband!

Anonymous said...

A wedding ceremony tradition to be done!

Anonymous said...

it should be a ceremony devoted to the exposure of the future husband to the spouse's female friends!

Anonymous said...

i believe 'completely nude' is the only proper way for a man to be 'dressed'in the presence of a woman.
Rob rpm@magma.ca

Anonymous said...

One of the best pic ever!

Anonymous said...

the night prior to the wedding, the future husband should be made to strip in front of all of his future wives girlfriends, as a reminder that from here on out, he is only allowed to be naked in front of other women while his wife is present or with her consent.... of course each one of the ladies should also give him a crisp hard spank to his bare bottom to help drive that point home :)

Anonymous said...

Although It appears she found a nice penis, hopefully she did not give him her virginity and had multiple sexual partners prior to selecting him to settle down with. We as women need to objectify men, compare their cocks, chests, personalities, and performance in bed. Women need to have as much sexual experience as possible prior to selecting a husband to settle down with and marry. No matter how many guys this bride sleeps with prior to meeting with him, she should make up a lie that she had only one sex partner prior to him. It happened a long time ago, don't remember much about and do not want to talk about the horrible experience. Make you fiancée feel sorry for you and you lack of sexual experience. Don't ask him how many partners he had as it won't matter since you will know in your heart that you had way more experience then him. You have only one chance at life so enjoy your sexual journey at a young age and protect yourselves. Make a list of your sexual experiences, date, his name, age, penis length, uncut vs. circumcised, description of penis shaft, size of his balls, the experience obtained - handjob, blowjob, intercourse, and finally how much you enjoyed him as an object not a human. Look at this list for encouragement when you feel down in the dumps with life, to bring back good memories and happiness needed to overcome difficult times. Love you husband, be loyal to him and give him everything you have. This is the best advice I can give my sisters. Love - just a girl.

Anonymous said...

I like the picture. It is a hot and arousing idea when the bride shows her husband's dick to all party members. However, I would prefer if the male is shown totally naked. What's about a cfnm marriage with the bride wearing a real expensive wedding dress? And she should invite all females she knows. I hope no woman would forget her camera. That would be a real arousing marriage!

Scott in the woods said...

Guys should be allowed to be naked all the time without qualm - they used to swim naked with girls in swimsuits.

Mop said...

U r quite right and this must be a traditional marriage ceremony right now.

Mop said...

I also want to send u my assets characteristics if u don't mind.

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Unknown said...

Why just show him naked at the wedding, she should be able to show him anytime she wants to. Keep him naked for her pleasure.

Mop said...

Guys are built for women's pressure anyway and anytime, cfnm society a free society.