Wednesday, March 18, 2020

F r i e n d s      o n     t h e      b e a c h 

These two girls on the beach with a friend, 

watch him while doing gymnastics ... naked
Here he is upside down, showing them his buttocks ...

Then next to them ...

What a smile this girl shows close to his cock!


Alex said...

Other girl: It’s great that you have agreed to come with us to CFNM beach and respect its main rule: girls dress as they want, but guys must stay nude.
He: No problem, girls.
Smiling girl: What do you think of so-called double standard?
He: I think that it is a beautiful thing. Equality is overrated. We are different, and no real equality is possible. It is not natural that we both wear clothes. You, girls, can wear what you want, but I have no such rights. It is completely natural. Unfortunately, the conservative society still cannot really accept male nudity outside of beaches.
Other girl: We completely agree! We would like to see you naked more often. What do you suggest?
He: In every situation, a woman should decide what a man is to wear. I am sure that in most cases a lady will choose to have her man stark naked, exposed and vulnerable. It is the natural order of things.
Smiling girl: Do you agree to surrender all your clothes to us?
He: Absolutely.
Smiling girl: That’s good, because you will have very few opportunities to wear them. And meanwhile, please keep hands behind your head. (Smiles)

Anonymous said...

She even takes the opportunity to take a couple of selfies with him naked in the background