Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Friends ...
I like a lot those situations where guys undress and sometimes remain fully nude with their female friends
... It's exciting in some easy and nice situations,
like parties, beaches, sauna, pool, hotel, etc.
Your friend, you know since time and you met many times dressed ...
and it happens!!
You have the opportunity to see him undressing,
have him in his briefs only or even look at his ass, or ..
heaven!! to look at his jewels ...
He is maybe embarassed and when you'll meet him again,
you know his secrets,
while he never saw yours!!
More than exciting!!!
I wait for your comments!!

Friday, July 27, 2007

What do you like more?
Art photography more and more deals with male nudes. Some pics consider natural penis, "covered" by his foreskin ... others are more nude, showing foreskin rolled back ... Look at these nice pics. What situation do you prefer, girls? Boys in what option you prefer girls look at him? More comments, more pics ... Marie
Guys stripped by female friends: a very thrilling subject!! In college games, trips or happenings, often guy are undressed by girls, for girls' amusement. Here some more pics. Girls have you ever done something like? Guys, have you ever been is such a situation? You enjoyed it or you felt embarassed or humiliated? I would like to have your opinion ! More commenys, more pics! Marie

Friday, July 20, 2007

Girls taking pics of naked guys
What's more exciting that dressed girls looking at nude males? Girls taking pictures of them!! Many situations with dressed girls having photos of naked males: in private, in public happening, on the beach, etc. Comments would be very appreciated! Bye Marie

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Beach party games!!

Beach party games!!
How about beach parties? Sometimes they involve nudity: a good opportunity for looking at naked guy among quite dressed girls!! Enjoy these pictures ! What do you like more? Marie

Monday, July 02, 2007

It's summer, beach again!

It's summer, beach again!
It's summer, beach
This weekend I went to the beach, to enjoy some ... Cfnm situation ...
I like to see swimsuited or topless girls with nude boyfriends or friends
1. Sometimes you see Cfnm couples ...
Maybe his girlffriend is jeaulous or she likes to show everybody his boy stark naked
2. Others, he is only a friend ...
and she is thrilled in seeing him in the nude, or
... the boy is excited in exposing himself naked to a female friend ...
What of these situations you like more ?
What do you think?
I appreciate comments.