Sunday, September 01, 2019

T H E     T R U E      S P I R I T     O F     C F N M

Dear friends,
I'm back after a pause of thoughts about cfnm.
Some comments to my last post are the reason of my stop. I've realized many surfers of the blog do not understand the meaning and the real essence of cfnm and the spirit of my blog.

CFNM is a state of mind, a mood, and attitude, not simply watching naked men.
It's a game among men and women. Girls feel special visual sensations, experiencing a new relation with male and female bodies. They also reverse the traditional female-male role and the attidute toward male and female nudity. Guys too experience a new sensation, merging exhibitionism and embarrassment, pride, cockiness and shame. 

Male and female tease and amuse each other in a new, unusual way.

CFNM (and so my blog) is not porn, it's simply nudity and fun. CFNM is for everybody, single and couples, friends, families and groups. It's not a gay site and it's not a female only blog.

Of course sensuality, and some time sex, are involved, but in a different mood. 

Many situations, places, opportunities could occur in CFNM: from beaches to home, theatres and movies, lockerooms, happening, art performance and events. Some, like WNBR or Scandinavian naked games are at this point well-known cfnm opportunities ... In my blog a lot of these all ...

CFNM is more and more spread and practiced in common people life, as well as in movies, TV and theatre plays by stars. For many couples is rather a standard, the same for friends and school fellows.

So, the true spirit of Cfnm is far away from porn. Visitor complaining about photos without open view of genitals do not understand and appreciate the real cfnm culture ...

In some cases, a hidden cock is even more teasing and exciting than a shown one. Both sexes embarrassement could also be a part of the fun. Smiling and awkward faces of girls in front of naked men are priceless, even better than the naked guys !

Covering genitals with their hands could be even more humiliating for boys than showing naked ...

Of course male (and some female) nudity is widely shown on my blog.

So, I would understand if this "philosophy" is appreciated and shared by the surfers of my blog before going on to post. On the contrary, there are a lot porn sites to visit.

Please, answer to my question and let me know if I have to go on ...





Hi Marie,

We understand exactly what you said and agree with you.
CFNM is not only showing male genitals, is a game between the man and the woman, and maybe for those boys/men who hide their genitals in a pic while in presence of women is more embarrassed than for those who exhibit proudly their genitals.
As you said embarrassment, shame, proud, exhibitionist and other feelings are part of the CFNM. My boyfriend started in CFNM attracted by the shame and embarrassment feelings and move on to proud and exhibitionist feelings while he accustomed to be naked in front of women. Sometimes he says that he misses that times when embarrassment and shame were his predominant feelings while naked, so he enjoys a lot seeing pics like that ones with men covering their genitals as a sight of shame, maybe the funniest sensation for those men who like the CFNM. Is the same with those that says CFNM is for gays, my boyfriend doesn't have anything against gays, but he isn't gay at all and he enjoys seeing CFNM pics, not because of the men nakedness, because of female reactions, for a CFNM lover as he says, the best is not the nudity, is the feelings that nakedness make you, and also the feelings you can see in the faces of the women participating in CFNM.
So go ahead with your Blog, and don't take into account that opinions that says that that isn't CFNM, maybe they don't understand exactly what it is about. As you said, is not porn, maybe sometimes CFNM can involve porn, but is definitely something more than that.

Anonymous said...

Hey Marie! Your content is great and exactly what it should be. Keep up the good work.

What do you think about the female first doctrine? Check it out at

Anonymous said...

Dear CFNM couple and Marie.

I my self have gone down the road of a frill and exhibitionism, finding that I am at my most comfortable naked around women that treat, my nudity as normal.
As I have engaged in nudity, including the WNBR, right in the middle of town naked, unashamed and, unaroused, has had a positive effect on my body image.
There is the link between fetishizing nudity with shame, fear, and, arousal, a power dynamic with humiliation as a theme.
Is CFNM moving away from porn to be a natural state, where sex is about context and human behaver and not, about what is shown.
I love CFNM and no not want it to be about exploitation and control, and more about concepts of fun and self expression, liberation and exploration.


Anonymous said...

Beautifully said Marie. We love you.

Anonymous said...

Please Marie don't stop posting because of some surfers, there are a lot of people who understand perfectly the CFNM essence.

Kisses from Spain

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your work and please go on.

Anonymous said...

Marie, continua per favore! Non farti scoraggiare! Sei la migliore!
Marie, please don't stop! You are the best! Don't let them bring you down!


Anonymous said...

Hi Marie, you are a true pioneer of the cfnm culture and this site and your vision are the true reflection of this. Your blog is the number site i visit, almost every day i visit with the excitement of a new you would put, your content are unique and original and reflects actual cfnm situations not fictioned fantasies like in porn sites. Please don’t give up, dont let anybody to let you down, internet is full of people who think differently. Follow your own path. We love you and love your blog.

Kind regards,

Anonymous said...

Hello Marie.

I hope you will continue to make us fantasize about your blog. For me, it's a great time when I come to visit to see pictures and your comments always judicious. I beg you, let the grumpy people never be satisfied and continue to please us fans of real CFNM. I thank you in advance.

A little French guy who would love to live CFNM adventures.

(automatic translation)

Anonymous said...

Understood, and thanks for the reminder of what you want your site to be about and to represent. You've got a great blog, I hope you keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Hello, I love this site, as a male follower. It is in good taste, as my favorite scenarios are everyday life, outside of the bedroom,

I have seen CFNM in history, like ancient greece, and in some first peoples of the west coast. Just look up Chumash, and you will learn that men walked around nude while the ladies wore a tunic.

Cfnm is not just about sex, but a lifestyle choice. I have seen it in my hippy days, as well.

Keep the good work, and I read your blog nude, and relaxed, since I am a long haired guy :)

George said...

Marie thank you for your blog!

As a (naked) male I agree 100% with your philosophy on Clothed Female Naked Male I love the reversal of social norms, the idea of naked / clothed imbalance. Please, please, please keep your good work!!!!


Anonymous said...

You said it just right Marie, keep on going! I love your blog! Kisses!

Nude Lee said...

Hi Marie

I think that you, your site and your wise words above are truly inspirational. Please, please continue with your blog, life would be so much more dull without it.

Best wishes from a fan, who thinks you are wonderful.


Jose from Spain said...

Very well said Marie. We enjoy your blog and appreciate your effort!! Keep going on please!!!
We love you.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely should go on this keep a male with a secret desire to exhibit, I love to see your posts and imagine it is me in the photo...I get the most pleasure from looking at the expressions on the ladies faces, like a cheeky can’t resist looking peek...such administrator ration of the male body is s hard to find...I also love and share the pleasure that you derive from it too..
So ignore the vocal soundings of the trolls...they are in the minority....Cater for the vast if silent majority, as indeed I usually am, until something is held dear like your site postings comes under threat...

Anonymous said...

Maire I only recently discovered your blog and I love it. Your rule in particular, as I sit naked in front of my PC I feel part of a CFNM community. I particularly enjoy reading comments from lady followers, especially those that remind me of my undignified naked state. Please continue your good work, you are bringing a bit of fun to peoples lives and doing no harm to anyone. Ignore the spoil sports.

I am a straight guy who lives alone so I can't send you CFNM photos. Kisses Paul

Anonymous said...

Absolutely love your site as it is so honest and main stream. I found CFNM exciting as a boy long before it became a thing. The photos you post are not found in most places and I especially love your commentary along with them. It is a human thing and a part of human nature as we are normally fully dressed - so it makes it a special event we all experience - especially in a medical way as many doctors are now female and the guys at the VA love it as a female doctor is their first choice.

Alain said...

Why stop it? Anywhere, anytime, there are people who don't understand the essence of something. Never considered yours a porn site. As you said, there are lots of porn sites to satisfy someone's expectations. I see your site as moments of reality and truth in a person's life and it's helping me to accept myself as I am. It would be a gift presented to me if you would continue regular posts.

Anonymous said...

Hi Marie,

I really love your blog as a male. I like it to play with nakedness / clothing, shame, embarrassment, excitement and so on. But, if you ask me, the really best thing is, that you love cfnm and the men. I had always the impression that you respect the men and you enjoy their nakedness. Unfortunately, there are too many women who consider cfnm as a means to destroy men. Their hate is absolutely despictable.
However, you are a woman who loves the man. I really like to follow you. All the feelings are a fine valuable game. I love it. I love your comment about males having to be nude while reading your blog knowing that you are fantastic and nice woman. Your blog cannot be a porn one, it is something really special. It is the best I have seen!

It would be really a bummer when you give up your blog!!!!!! Please, please go on!

One of your male fans!

Francesco said...

Hello dear Marie, I follow your blog, not only because it's very exciting but for all the reasons you wrote. I really don't like porn... CFNM is much more than that... it's culture and it was already excisting in the roman empire. On internet, you mostly can find comercial CFNM, too fake, i cannot have feelings with that stuff... you have one of the only blogs with a lot of interesting amateur and real-life pictures... please keep your work, otherwise i have to miss you to much :( thanks for everything. Un saco di baci, Fracesco

Spain said...

I really love your blog, Marie. Kisses

Anonymous said...

I agree that Marie’s blog is not porn, but for those of us who love CFNM situations the pictures can be exciting or remind us when we’ve had similar situations. This blog reminds me of dozens of times I’ve been naked in front of clothed women and it makes me happy.

Anonymous said...


Your site has encouraged me to maintain my diet and to exercise in advance of the summer clothing optional Beach season. In that way, it has served a dual purpose. When I go to the beach, I experience no shame whatsoever. After all these years, I can still be there and attract female attention in non-threatening, non-vulgar, simbiotic ways.

I look good. Moreover, focusing on the physical and nutritional efforts that go into maintaining the lifestyle for a few weeks out of every year, I feel even better.

Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

Hi Marie,

Your thoughts are absolutely right on target! It's a

My wife and I practice CFNM - at home, at the beach, in hotels on vacation, and with certain female friends, cousins, and co-workers of my wife. I thoroughly enjoy the stimulation of being exposed to females, more so those I know, rather than anonymous crowds. My wife really enjoys the "turnabout of female/male roles, and encouraging her female friends to get their spouses or boyfriends to try it.

We both really enjoy your blog. Keep the great posts coming, ... and encourage your readers to post ... real CFNM, .... Not Porn.

Adam F

Anonymous said...

Hi Marie,

I am happy to see you back. Like many other followers, I love your blog and I hope you continue the great work. I know that a few negative comments can have more impact than many positive ones, but please try to ignore the people who don't understand what CFNM is really about and focus on the many fans who frequently visit your blog and appreciate your work. For me, and I think for many other fans, your blog is the number one CFNM site!

Anonymous said...

Hi Marie.

Thank you for sharing your true view on CFNM I agree.It is not porn and I hate the way it is portrayed as a fetish by that websites that promote it as that,And I know you did not do this blog too dislike men but change society normal role.I feel women that love CFNM should not hide there love for the male body and should alway talk about CFNM.It sad you don’t post message like this all the time,you are true teacher and expert in CFNM please don’t end your Blog.I would like too teach more people about CFNM and post some of your teaching with good inspiration message or even a video with this.It might make Men and Women learn more about themselves their body’s and CFNM.

Love a respect.

Anonymous said...


I love your Blog I would love you too post,more messages like this on your blog or videos debating on CFNM.

Please don’t give up your blog we would love you too learn us more on CFNM from you.

Coleopter said...

Hi Marie- good to see you’re back!

As an artist’s model, I experience CFNM at work as a matter of course. Your blog has helped me to sort out my thoughts on the subject, and to accept that this is what I do, and that there is no shame in it. The groups I pose for are composed mostly of women. Yes, they see my penis, yes, they see my “testicle”, no, I don’t get to see anything of theirs, save for smocks and sneakers, Conté crayons, and gum erasers. So it was embarrassing when I first mounted the platform and felt the draft on my bare skin. But having lost my lab job, I needed to pay the rent somehow. And none of the normal places were hiring, this being back in the dotcom crash of the early 00’s. I digress. The point is that you learn to be comfortable. You’re among friends, some of them happen to be female- it’s ok! There’s no need to be ashamed. They have always been very kind and appreciative. It’s for this reason that I very much like it when you post pictures of women’s faces at CFNM events- that is what I see when I pose! There’s something very special about those sly, shy half-smiles on the faces of young women when they’re sizing up a naked man, perhaps for the first time.I find it very rewarding to be a part of their education.
Dicks and balls? I know what those look like. Naked ladies? There are plenty of other sites specializing in that. And, contrary to popular belief, I’m straight, so I consume a lot of porn. I don’t deny it. But you provide something that can’t be had anywhere else- something of the experience of CFNM. SoI hope your blog will continue.

Thank you, and once again Welcome Back!

Anonymous said...

Hello Marie.

I love CFNM and love your Blog,It would be sad if you had too stop doing it after negative comments.I love the Spanish women and her boyfriends pictures that were recently added.I do think the blog needs too go in a different direction,And I love this message you put up.We need more women like you too talk about CFNM openly.I think the blog need too go down a more educational root,teaching us more about CFNM in fun way,for pleasure not just for women but men who look at you blog too.And learn more about real CFNM the Male anatomy such as the penis.

I think that could be a good step forward for the blog.

Anonymous said...

Yes move forward. Your blog is very entertaining and fun. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Hello Marie,

You rightly wrote that it's nothing about porn. CFNM is chiefly meant for fun and entertainment. So, don't stop, keep posting more and more photos.

Now it may be better if you post some amusing CFNM videos along with CFNM photos. It is my suggestion. I think videos are sometimes more grabbing than photos. So it will be better if you can post them.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Hi. Marie.

We love your blog. Don't leave us.


Anonymous said...

great site for the purists out there who love cfnm practice it and wish it to be more open to everyone. please dont give up it is NOT porn

Anonymous said...

Hi Marie.

I love your blog.

Me and my girlfriend at one time use too do CFNM activity taken photo,we use too go and take part in a CFNM in camp in Canada.The Men at the camp were very shy and embarrassed at first,but got use too it and the women tasing.But I got too know the people there they were very nice and like wise minded and known the elements of CFNM.But that is story for another day in the future,I love your message you wrote I think we need more women like you too explain CFNM we need more messages like this.Separating CFNM from the porn world and people like Bard on VSFW I know women love CFNM and men for the fun.

Please don’t end your blog.

Thomas Westcott said...

Dear Marie,
Me and all my friends (male and female) love your blog and the concept of CFNM. CFNM is of course no porn. You made a great entertaining work by hosting a fantastic (non porn) blog. I know you will continue in the same manner.


I look forward to see your next posts. And I will love to send you some of our summer holiday CFNM situations.

Kind regards from Switzerland

Anonymous said...

I have to laugh at all the righteous clowns commenting here, making the distinction that a CLOTHED FEMALE looking at a NUDE MALE in a public setting is CFNM, whereas a CLOTHED FEMALE wanking a NUDE MALE's dick is somehow not CFNM, but is "only" porn. Get over yourselces people!

In either case, please keep your blog going Marie.

Anonymous said...

Hi Marie,

I totally agree about you... I really don't like porn sites, but real life approachs such as your blog. Please, keep on publishing and sharing.


Bernardo (from Brazil)

Mafra66 said...

Hi Marie, I totally agree with your vision.Continue with your fantastic blog. Thank you.
Best ( Maurizio from Italy)

Anonymous said...

Best CFNM site on the Internet. Keep up the good work and delete those who don't understand. There's plenty of porn for them elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Hi Marie. Your blog is fantastic and it relates to a new more modern way of life among couples. It is not porn ! My wife and I experience CFNM in our everyday life. When I Come home I get undressed and do everything in the house completely naked. I enjoy the feeling of humiliation but also complicity and my wife likes looking at me totally and permanently undressed. It is also a way of not being a male chauvinist, letting girls watch and touch naked guys whenever they want to. Around us many husbands do the same at home or even on the beach in public. It is very pleasant both for the women and for the men and I dare Say respect to women.

Formerly CfnmFan said...

I can't agree more. This is a fantastic blog that caters for almost every cfnm taste.

We salute you Marie.

Keep doing what you are doing. We love both you and your blog.


Anonymous said...

This conversation is kind of absurd. Marie has posted pegging- a guy getting a dildo in his ass, clothed babes holding naked dicks, and lots and lots of voyeurism, all sexually arousing. Is not CFNM arousing? So when you take a picture of something arousing and post it on the internet you are if fact pedaling a form of porn. I will fuck my wife tonight, which will be fun and satiating, but if I take a video of it and post it to a blog I’ve just contributed to porn. Sorry, Marie, you can’t have it both ways. You can’t arouse your audience with pictures of naked dicks in front of clothed women and then be disgusted they want to jerk off. All the groveling of these comments shows how addicted your audience is to their daily dose of porn. I mean it’s soft porn for the most part, but porn just the same.

Filip said...

Hoi Marie,

From time to time i like to watch surten unique situations (movies/pictures) of naked man/boy (rather than hidden ) confronted with women, womens sexuality, sexiness, legs etc (well dress, almost undressed). This fascination/fetish may have started when i was a little boy running naked while the women/girls in the family were dressed. Later i had similar situation while i was 14, maybe caused by myself, experimenting with nudiness, sexuality, nevermind. Now you are a mayor source of content to my fetisch (nobody knows i have this fascination). So please don't stop and please be creative.


Filip NL

Unknown said...

Hi Marie, I have been a fan of your blog for many years and look forward to your posts and updates.

When you google CFNM you will get alot of porn. What makes your blog so different is it shows the emotions of CFNM. Your posts show the embarrassment and humiliation of men and the excitement and control women must feel. They must allow women to view men as objects in a role reversal.

Your blog is great fun and has given myself and many many other people a great deal of enjoyment.

Your blog is so much better than porn sites, lease don't stop, its the best blog on the internet!

Anonymous said...

Hello Marie.

Please don’t stop your Blog I love CFNM.But I feel you Blog need too go in a new direction.

Anonymous said...

Anon,September 4, 2019 at 7:46 PM
sorry, but you do not understand the difference between sexuality and porn!
It's obvious that CFNM is arousing, but this doesn't mean should be porn.
Check the difference between staged cfnm photos on many paysites and the everyday life photos on Marie's blog.
Of course, there are many different situations, in some cases also involving hard sex, like pegging ...
All the best.

Anonymous said...

Marie I love your Blog.

Your message is very uplighting please don’t give up your,Blog is not just for Men but is not anti Male.With CFNM you call out the unfairness,around nudity in society that is alway the female who is objectified,in the Media and Entertainment.But you kind of put your own spin of Nudity with CFNM model too balance,fairness in society when it come too Male & Female nudity role reversal if you will.


Anonymous said...


I'm so sorry that some people's comments lead you to reconsider your blog. I'd always been interested in CFNM, but it was your blog that inspired me to take part in WNBR events. The confidence boost from taking part has had a really positive impact upon my life, I'm much more willing to speak in social situations amongst other things. I now want to take part in CFNM events such as WNBR regularly, this has lead to me eating healthy and exercising more in order to look good for the ladies. You are totally correct about the philosophy of CFNM, it comes in all different forms; which I hope you continue bro post. Please don't give up the blog!


coleopter said...


Please disregard AnonSept4,2019@7:46PM. How many sites are there that feature men having their way with naked ladies? And yet, let a woman dare put up a site with “girls” having a little fun at our expense, and outrage ensues. Such men will never be happy as long as somewhere on the planet, women are having a good time.
Keep posting happy female faces (and humiliated males) and ruin their day!


Anonymous said...

michael, You have completely misinterpreted the "opposition". No one is "outraged" over Marie's site. The dussenting comments seem to be directed at the lemmings commenting on this thread who are looking down their noses at photos of CLOTHED FEMALES who are physically interacting with NUDE MALES, and trying to paint that as NOT CFNM, but "porn" (as if those commenters are somehow "better" than the commenters who like all kinds of CFNM).

Anonymous said...

Michael, you don’t read very well do you? Pictures of female domination are fantastic, but they are a category of porn. Marie likes posting exposed dicks. You get off on seeing exposed dicks with clothed women. You are getting off on porn. I’m not outraged. I just think this thread incredibly funny because it seems to me the commenters are mostly male so like the submissive nature of CFNM. There are very few women searching these pictures. So, just because you like porn that includes a submissive male does not mean it’s not porn. Do you tell yourself it’s not porn before or after you wipe the cum from your glans?

Anonymous said...

Marie, this plea for attention is below you. Either give these poor saps what they want or sign off. Gawd, enough already.

Anonymous said...

coleopter has always been one to stir up trouble on this blog.

Mikey, no one is "outraged". Everyone likes seeing these photos, but you and others are all of a sudden going artsy on the rest of us, as if CLOTHED FRMALES and NAKED MALES in a public setting where they are just standing around is "acceptable" CFNM, but a CLOTHED WOMAN having her way with a NAKED MALE is not acceptable CFNM (what do those letters stand for again Mikey?), but is "porn" which is now beneath you.


(That you are continuing this narrative is just bringing everyone down.)

Anonymous said...

What I find perfect in your blog is the way you lead it like only a woman can do.
So PLEASE, keep on playing this lovely game!
And thank you always.

Anonymous said...

Continued from my September 2nd post:

It'so weird about CFNM:

On the beach, when looking and feeling great, I use it as a form of empowerment. Ie.: I (we) have the courage to do it.... a partial payoff for diet and exercise.

On the opposite extreme are Others who are commenting in this blog and who view it as a form of humiliation. Then there are, of course, plenty in the middle too.

Vast difference, but interesting views! Try analyzing that in the DSM! Ha!

Anonymous said...

You are only site I know that gets the real escence of CFNM!!! Please Marie, come back!!!!!!

Old School Fan said...

Wow, this thread has really gotten out of hand. Most of the comments on this particular thread are not bashing Marie or her blog.

The comments started out with the "CFNM is strictly photos of male-only nudism with clothed females looking on" group bashing the other side, who feel that "any photo of clothed women and nude men is CFNM, provided that the men are not covering themselves with towels or hands (which defeats the idea of 'Nude Men'), and if there are sexy shenanigans going on, so much the better", which is the group I align with.

After a few comments from the first group ripping the 2nd group as "idiots" and "porn mongers", naturally that 2nd group started commenting in their own defense.

The few negative comments from over a month ago that Marie was no doubt referring to as the reason for her hiatus were not negative toward her or her blog, but just about a few specific photos where the men were covered up with towels, but these were still posted as "CFNM". Why? There's enough photos of men completely nude that will satisfy EVERYBODY, that we don't need these "CFNM-lifestyle but not really nude" photos.

Commenters like coleopter and others tried to spin this opposition as people being "outraged" that a woman would DARE to post photos of women dominating men. NOTHING COULD BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH! No one ever said that.

It is clear that everyone who has commented in recent months likes this blog. What Marie should do is this: Instead of ASKING us whether she should continue, she should realize we all like this blog, and do the following 3 things:

1. Turn off commenting for this thread, as it has devolved into all of us bickering with each other.
2. Gently admonish us to all play nice and get along with each other.
3. Continue her fine work on this blog.

cfnm blog said...

Hello im a real CFNM fan too. I started with marie and i really respect her. she gave me vision and all started from her.
Please follow my blog for weekly updates . photos and videos

I always support marie. she is the best. keep continue your blog.

George said...

Marie, for the love of humanity... please maintain your blog. Your blog ... your rules. It's fantastic.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for explaining the true meaning and feeling of your blog. It's a good thing for visitors to know exactly where you're coming from. However, nobody can really claim to have some "true" definition of a topic like CFNM. It's something that can evoke different feelings among different people. So it means different things among people. I can't imagine that there's a 'right' and 'wrong' way to approach it, as long as it's consensual, it's all in fun, and nobody gets hurt.

I'm sure to most of us guys, it's sexual. It's something that evokes arousal when we see and imagine being in such a scenario. I doubt too many of us are noticing something so subtle as an awkward expression on a female voreur's face, or the redness of some guy who thinks it's more embarrassing than erotic.

Yes, there are porn sites that cater to us. But that's all staged and paid for. And I'm just glad when I find a blog that shows me there are some women who enjoy it (for any reason) maybe almost as much as we guys do.

Stefano from Italy said...

I do agree with you Marie 101%! I love your philosophy even if its not easy to find the right situation to apply to life the CFNM rules. Its a game where woman and man play different roles.
I do love your blog and Hope you never quit It. VIVE LE CFNM VIVE MARIE!

Oldfrog said...

Please do continue. My wife and I are both in our 70's and enjoy CFNM on an almost daily basis, sometimes even involving some of her friends. Our CFNM activities range from entirely non-sexual to her enjoying my bare genitals either visually or physically. Similarly we enjoy most of the photos you post on your blog and those we do not enjoy (very few) are easy enough to ignore. We have definitely missed your daily presence in our lives!

Anonymous said...

I remember this blog when it showed CFNM images

Maybe it will do so again very soon :)

Anonymous said...

Marie, your blog is great; we all miss you!
Please bo back soon

Anonymous said...

Hi Marie,

you have never hurt anybody! Vice verse, you have made a lot of people having fun. If my impression is correct you would always have fun for yourself. Notice that it is impossible to do anything correctly so that nobody criticizes. Please do a favor to yourself and to us and go on with your blog.

A naked fan who really enjoys your blog!

Unknown said...

Please keep up your great postings. I am a man who enjoys experiencing CFNM. I often visit a nude beach that has many clothed women sightseers. I have also participated in naked bike rides. Don't let the small minded deter you. CFNM is one of the great treats in life. I love to be gawked at and teased by women. So much fun.

Peter Klei said...

For me personally CFNM is a matter of the beauty of the male body enjoyed by women
The male body shows its vulnerability. Therefore to me it is a spiritual thing also.
I hope you are encouraged by the many positive comments here to go on.
I was very delighted about your admiration some years ago when you commented on the picture of my body taking during a beach massage on flickr. I hope you go on by sharing the beautiful images of love and peace. Greetings

Anonymous said...

Your blog is truly awesome. Please keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Dear Marie,

CFNM or me is the empowerment of the so called weaker sex. I am beyond embarressemnt and shame. It is more me enjoying the appreciatory looks og ladies, being accepted, not only for my mind, but my body, too.

So i enjoyed every bit of your blog.

Yours nude Ralph

Anonymous said...

We all wait for Marie coming back!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

A real shame that she has to post this! There are always the few who are willing to make life hard for others... If you don't like what's shown here, move on. Why do people feel the need to essentially bully others into doing what they want, showing what they want etc. I hope you come back, as a male who is in a stable relationship with a woman who loves cfnm this site has been really good for us. Most of us get the interplay that CFNM involves, sadly there are clearly a vocal few who don't and are determined to ruin it for everyone... Hope you come back and ignore the haters.

Anonymous said...

Hey douche (yeah you, Anonymous @ Sept 16 1:33),

There are no 'haters'. People that use that term to describe anyone who disagrees with their point of view are just fucking lazy morons, incapable of anything but binary thinking.

Anonymous said...

Marie, there will always be someone who doesn't like certain types of pictures no matter the category (CFNM, CFNF, Dressed-undressed etc)but don't let that bother you. Most people do what I do, look at the ones I like, skip over the ones I don't. Don't let impolite posts get you down, just ignore them and continue doing what you've been doing for several years now. The ones who appreciate will continue to visit, the ones who don't will go find some place else to annoy.

Anonymous said...

Dear Marie!

I think that maybe some of us (guys) we can send naked pics for the pleasure of the girl visiting your site. It would be like "virtual" cfnm. What do you think? :)

Anonymous said...

I am a woman who has enjoyed a number of CFNM situations so I don't think you need to change a thing, Marie.

Luca said...

Dear Marie,
i love your site and I completely agree with you.
But if many surfers of the blog do not understand the meaning and the real essence of cfnm, many many other many many others understand it perfectly and look forward to your return.
Best regards

Fernanda said...

I really like the photos. I would like to make them with my man but he doesn't like photos. But at least he repeats the situations for me. I have gone whith him in an optional clother beach. I liked and laughed a lot, but is was not permited to take pictures, neither only for me, so I remember the situation by your posts. I also liked to see what your followers asked my man to do on his skype. I love CFNM and if someone wants to see my man doing something, ask me, I will apreciate.
Kisses Marie


Anonymous said...

So that's the end of the blog? I guess all good things must come to an end :(

Anonymous said...

“This is the end, my only friend the end.” - Jim Morrison (who also liked to whip his dick out for his female fans.)

Anonymous said...

For what it's worth. I thought this was a very good blog. A shame to see it disappear.

The Grim Streaker said...


Anonymous said...

Sorry to see this site disappear. Marie, thanks for all your work over the years and for the bit of fun you brought into the lives of your fans/followers. It is clear that you put in many hours into this blog and your fans are appreciative. Paul

Unknown said...

I love your blog. i like see it for long time.

Anonymous said...

A big thank you for your work. I hope it is not the last one, but I am afraid of that. I have always appreciated your work! It was a lot of fun!

Anonymous said...

Bonjour Marie,
each time I, you ou whoever post on the internet, the people who like the post do not necessarily tell it while the haters systematically do it, that is life.
Hold on, you have plenty of supporters.

Anonymous said...

Hi Marie,
love your blog since I found it. Sorry that some trolls worried you.
Still hoping you'll continue your block and ignor the f****g trolls.

Keep On blogging, Marie ;-)

Irish Cfnm model said...

Love your blog Marie ! A great philosophy for life

Anonymous said...

Marie, I agree with your post about CFNM spirit.
For myself I would love to live it as an everyday way of life, if only I could find a woman who is keen on CFNM life. Unfortunately it was never the case with any of my GFs, none did understand that. Men's AND women's minds have to evolve to be more open to CFNM games. Thank you Marie for promoting it, we need more open-minded women like you.

Anonymous said...

Hello Marie.
I fully understand your position and I share it 100%.
I am a man and I am not gay. I love seeing naked women, but I know that your blog is not the right place for that. Go ahead and don't be discouraged by stupid. Your blog is wonderful, I just sent a testimonial from an American woman about her high school experience, which is CFNM in its purest form.
En avant Marie, tu est absolutement charmant.
Greetings from Spain.

Anonymous said...

In the 60's I was on the swim team in my school. All the males around the pool area had to be fully naked but all the girls and women had to wear one piece suits with no cleavge showing.

At swim meets, we often had a few hundred spectators, mostly women and young girls, some around 6 or 7 y/o but mostly teenagers and often our classmates. We still were totally naked, while the males were anyway.

Before the meet, we all lined up facing the crowd, the males in the front, our naked male coaches at the ends as we were read the instructions which including telling the naked males standing in front of a couple hundred girls that we would get in trouble if we asked any girl or woman to show us their bodies in any stage of undress and we certainly could not touch them (I think a good penalty for any male who asked a girl to do this is that he should have to go totally naked the next school day to all his classes and in each class go to each girl and apologize for asking a girl to show herself. If he tried to touch her, the girls should be able to have 30 seconds each to feel his cock and balls. Of course if this happened, I would a have made sure I asked a girl to show herself even though I would not have wanted her to as only males should be displayed.

Double standards that the males were naked and we would not have a chance to see a girl without all her clothes on, of course but it was a double standard I loved. I was over 18 before I saw my first breast although hundreds of girls had seen my cock and balls for extended times. In my whole life I have seen 5 naked women and by now over a thousand women have seen all of me.

This is pure clothed female NAKED MALE and that is the way I love it. The only time a naked male should be with a naked or half naked woman is if they are in a relationship, other then that, a naked male in the presence of clothed women should have no prospect of seeing her naked.

I have been to dozens of CFNM and this is one of the rules, women will remain dressed while the male are always totally naked and not allowed to cover. We can touch each others bodies on any part that is covered. Of course nothing on the males is covered. At one event, a naked male told a woman she was showing a bit too much cleavage. She told him he was not showing enough dick, as his foreskin was not pulled back so that she could see the head of his now hard cock. I loved it . Oh the not exposing women met that none of these women could expose themselves after the event of they did not have a relationship with the male so all of us knew we would not have a chance of seeing them naked. and that is they way it should be. I would love for it to be far more common and for it to be a TV show with nothing blurring the males.

Anonymous said...

Marie, thank you for this site and thank you for including ball busting

I also appreciate that there is very little female exposure and that there is NO vaginal exposure. I also appreciate that no slang terms for females are used (while maybe some mild ones) but I see a lot of use for cocks, balls, nuts, dicks and pricks.

Women are too precious to use those terms but hey my personal opinion is a lot of us males are pricks so using those terms for us is just fine.

Anonymous said...

My brother wrote the two post just before this one Going to post this here too because along with what I have written belong my daughters and I have spanked my brother just like this. I hope it is OK to post this here because it is very explicit but me and my daughter and especially my brother love what we do together.

My brother told me about this blog and I love it. He is 2 y/o older then I am. I have one other brother and 3 sisters.

Growing up, we had a pool and all the boys had to swim naked. I say all because when their male friends came over, they were naked too. All the girls (me, my sister and our many girl friends had to wear one piece suits. At this time, I was 13, my brother was 15 and pretty mature for his age with some pubic hair and a very large cock with low hanging balls. Oh I and the other girls sure did take notice The other brother was 10 and two sisters were twins about 9 and the other was 7.

Even the adult males swam naked so all the girls had real treats.

Anyway, my 15 brother was picking on me and the girls so I gave him a good kick right in his balls. My mother saw it and I thought I was in trouble but mom asked what happened and I told her what he did. She said if I did it again, I could kick him again. He must have thought she did not mean it so he picked on me some more but mom saw it and held his arms and called all the girls over. She then told me she meant it and I could kick him in the balls again so I did but not hard. Mom told me it was not hard enough and to do it again so WHAM. My brother doubled over holding his precious balls while we all laughed including our other brother who was then holding his nuts as if to protect them.

Long story short, since the boys usually were naked (none of the girls every were even in underwear in front of the boys or our dad (even though dad was often naked at the pool too) but I think my brother enjoyed his ball busting session with mom and me because a few times a month, always when he was naked, he would pick on me just as he did then. So every time he did, WHAM. Sometimes it was WHAM WHAM WHAM and it was always when me and my sisters had girl friends over. We all enjoyed it a lot.

Now 30 years later, I have a good relationship with him and we kept the ball busting going on all these years. I am divorced now but have 3 girls of my own and when my brother is over he is still often naked in front of me and my daughters and have helped me bust his balls but only after they were all teenagers. The oldest has tied his balls so when she kicked them they would not swing out of the way and she knew dear old uncle would feel the full effect on his nuts.

Oh gotta go, my brother is here and I think his balls need some attention. Gotta go get the girls for some more KICK BALLS

Anonymous said...

I want to clarify some things about my post about me, my brother and daughters. First I got married 30 years ago and divorced about 10 years ago.

2nd, NONE of our activities have been sexual. By brother has never seen me nor my daughters in ANY state of undress. (of course we all have seen him) Along with this my brother has never used any slang terms for any part of the female anatomy even though me and the girls have used every term for the penis, such as cock, dick, prick and the testicles are of course family jewels, nuts, balls and whatever else. My brother is also very careful that none of us are injured in any way as he says only the males should get hurt since women are too valuable but we sure can not say the same about his balls. I do believe he believes women are superior to men and I tend to agree with him but that is neither here nor there LOL If he did not like it, he would not come over about once a month but we all look forward to our time together and no, we do not try to smash or crush his nuts. We want to keep them around for a long time.

Anonymous said...

I went to a small high school that had tornado drills every so often. During that time everyone went down to the basement and the girls were told to go into the gym locker rooms where they would be safer from the storm while the boys were in the hallway. We had a drill just before the ending of the period where they boys were in gym and were taking showers. We did not hear the drill.

The teachers (two women and a male) told the girls to go into the boys locker room even when the girls told them boys were still in there. They were told to go in anyway. So in comes about 40 girls while we were coming out of the showers naked as a jay bird. At first I tried to hind my prick and balls but then said why not and proudly displayed the now rabidly growing cock for all to see. I did not bother trying to cover it up and took my time reaching for a towel. By the time I did, I am sure all of the girls saw it because I heard a couple of girls (7th graders?) in the back say “we can’t see” when they heard other girls yell out “NAKED BOYS!!!” Then I heard one of the teachers say to let them through. . Most of the other boys were displaying their dicks too.

From the looks on the girls faces, most if not all of them enjoyed seeing the show I know I enjoyed being totally naked in front of 40 mostly good looking girls and by the time we were done, the female teachers had come into the locker room and saw what was going on. They stood for a few moments before telling the boys to get dressed but a couple of boys went over to use the urinal still totally naked and they peed right in front of the girls. The urinals were placed where the girls would certainly see their dicks.

I guess they too were enjoying the show and making sure all the girls had a chance to see everything too like as I said they told the girls in the front to let the younger girls in the back through and we knew it was so those girls could see us too.

No one got in trouble over it .

I would love to have had more of these drills even though I knew the boys would never get to see the girls because even during the drills, the boys could not go into the girls locker room. I have to admit, that suits me just fine because girls need more privacy then boys and if in a coed group if only one sex has to be naked while the other one is fully clothed, I would rather the males be naked and the women clothed.

It almost looked like this

Anonymous said...

as a mother i very much appreciate and enjoy this website and the blogs. i know longer feel as though my philosophy and way of life for my sons and daughters is the wrong thing or not a norm. my two sons are teenagers and my two daughters are 11 and 17. the kids have grown up only knowing cfnm practices. my sons very much love me and understand and respect our family lifestyle. they understand very well why they are not allowed to wear any clothes and why they need to be naked. they always have been cooperative w it and listened to what i tell them. my sons do not get to cover for any reason and agree it teaches them how to respect females. when a female can see a boys penis it helps him learn to respect all females. both my sons have told me this too. my boys know they cannot see a female naked for any reason as well. the boys do get frustrated sometimes because i do not allow them to have a normal sizes. some ppl do criticize me on this but this is the way i do it. both boys can only have a small penis at all times. i will not change this rule either. its good for discipline and respect

Anonymous said...

On 9/12 this was posted my boys know they cannot see a female naked for any reason

I agree and that is they way our family was, I was also on a swim team where the girls wore one piece suits but the males (all of the males) were totally naked. At one time the adult males wore trunks but the boys thought this was unfair and it was a double standard. We did NOT thing it was unfair or a double standard that the girls wore suits that WAS fair since they had different parts. We felt adults should set an example so after that the adult males were naked too. It did not matter that we had about 4 or 5 hundred people watching the meets, almost all women and young girls who often came to greet us as we stood naked, One mom had her 2 twin daughters with her as she stood talking to one of the naked males, her daughters were around 6 and stood eye level about a foot from his cock. I loved it. This is the way it should be in every school with only the MALES being naked and I love pure CFNM where the girls and women show us males...NOTHING. No male should see a naked male until he is 18 but every girl should see cocks and balls all over the place no matter what her age.

Anonymous said...

" i know longer feel as though my philosophy and way of life for my sons and daughters"

Oh it is far more common then people will admit. I was on a swim team where the boys were naked with girls and spectators all watching The girls in one piece suits and a lot of women and young girl watching totally naked males, girls as young as six. For a while the adult males (coach and life guards) wore trunk and we complained about double standards and it being unfair. They thought we were complaining about the girl wearing suits and we said NO, if the boys are naked, the adult MALES should be too. Adults should set the example. We did think it was fair for the girls to be in suit, after all, they did not have cock and balls. Of course we wondered what they did have down there but never questioned that they kept suit on while we were naked in front of perhaps hundreds of girls at swim meets even when the meet was over, we stood around for the spectators to come up and greet us person to person and we remained totally naked when they did this. I wish it were still going on today in all public and private schools, just this way, males naked girls in one piece suits.

So it is common and normal to want girls to remaind dressed while males are naked.

Anonymous said...

I think every major movie should feature CFNM with a lot of women mixing with totally naked males like most of the photos here. Not just a quick look but focus on showing cocks both hard and soft. If no one is massaging the cock, it is not porno. It is natural. Perhaps they can just go to CFNM parties or have sporting contest like the Greeks did with the males totally naked. It would be great to get close ups of them running with their dick and balls bouncing around. Do it slow motion like they have shown women when they bounce their breast around

Anonymous said...

"It is very pleasant both for the women and for the men and I dare Say respect to women."

I see this is a common thread. I agree. I think naked males behave a lot better when with fully clothed women. I for one not only respect women, I believe they are far superior to us and when I am naked in the presence of a group of women, it reinforces that they are my superiors just a when I go to the doctor and have to strip. I use only female doctors and I try to strip totally naked each time I go and I tell them I do not need a drape. I love it when she has her nurse in with her which she usually does.

Anonymous said...

I would love to be the male in this photo. One very naked male and 18 fully dressed women.

Anonymous said...

I would love to be the man in that photo with 18 women. Odd how only 3 or 4 of the 18 seem to be looking at his dick. Of course they had all evening to explore his dick all they wanted.

Anonymous said...

I was at a recent CFNM event with my wife, two of her sisters and three nieces when a couple of women I knew from several other events came over when my nieces were with me and told me it was always nice to see more of me.

I smiled and said " well since I now have a hard on and am very naked I can not imagine how you could see more of me than you are seeing right now. Of course all of the ladies including my nieces and one of my nieces said well there certainly is more of your dick to see. She was grinning from ear to ear and we all had a good laugh. They all also knew I was very comfortable being totally naked in front of any women.

This was for a Halloween party in which all the ladies had to dress as strong women and all the males were totally naked at all times (the building had windows where people could see in from the street which was even more evident after dark with the lights on in the room. That made it more exciting wondering who will look in and see that only the males were naked. Each male had to bring at least two women. I chose to bring six women although I would love to have brought a couple dozen more ladies.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this blog that I discovered. It allowed me to understand a lot of things. I lived in the all too widespread idea in the media and in the education we are given that male nudity was an assault on women, even though I have often observed that women inquire whether boys that they saw were naked or not and in spite of the demonstrations of some. I will no longer have any complexes in showing myself naked on the beaches in the sight and knowledge of all the women around me, but on the contrary I will have a certain pride in being seen and in showing myself naked. Without trying to show myself off, if a woman wants to see me naked, then I won't try to hide anymore. If the sight of my penis interests them then go, no worries.
A happy man.

Nik Nudist said...

It is really interesting to read the various comments by both men and women about CFNM.

Anonymous said...


I too enjoy your blog. Also like others, my wife and I are in our 70's and I am naked much of the time with her not. This is my choice, not hers. Please keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

If only the MALES are totally naked and the women are modestly dressed, it is not porn. Throughout history males were often naked.

Anonymous said...

Being a little embarrassed is part of the fun. I say, both men and women should embrace CFNM without worry about how it "looks" to others. Women should not feel bashful about enjoying male nudity, not should men feel bashful about being caught naked. I say both sexes should bask in the enjoyment, and not be concerned about others might think is "acceptable".

SeaMine said...

I know how to post comments, but not photos. I have a few photos I'd like to post. How do I do it?

Rogamu said...

MARIE, thank you very much for helping us understand the spirit of the CFNM, many times the shame of the body makes you afraid to face situations that for others are normal, the Western world must naturalize the body as something normal and healthy, hiding it is the sick thing and generates all kinds of abuses. You don't know how much good your blog does for society. Keep it to your ideals, naturalizing the exposure of the body in familiar or public situations.