Saturday, September 29, 2018


36. JEN:  "Convice my boyfriend to practice cfnm in public ..."

"we are begginers in the nude beach"

Finally Jen and boyfriend experienced the beach cfnm.

She wrote me the story and she sent me a lot of pics to be shared with you all .. enjoy!

Thank you Jen !!

"When we arrive at the beach, were only some men in the beach, one of them was in his towel about 20m from us and the other was walking along the beach, both of them were naked, so the cfnm situation began at that moment (remeber that I was chlothed hahaha), but any of them was interesting for me, one was a fat man and the other was slim but nothing special about his body,
As a comment, my bf told me later that the slim man got a little erection when we walked next to us, so probably he liked the cfnm situation hahaha.

We arrived and we put the towel on the beach sand, my bf starte to get undresed, and for my surprise, he got naked from the beginning, he decided that it will be better like this, if he put on the suimsuit he probably won´t dare to be naked later. 
The situation was exciting for him, and in the first minuts he was a little erected for being naked in front of me in the beach, it was his first time being naked in my presence in a public place outdoors. At this moment I was dressed with my green dress and with my pink bikini below it. After some minutes his half erection become only 25% of erection, something that it wasn´t so obvious, but still be there. He decided it was a good moment for the first photos, so we took our selfie stick and we took some photos of us, me dressed with my green dress and he completely naked.

Some minutes after these, another couple arrived to the beach, this was the first woman we saw at the beach, they were about 40 years old. Both of them undressed and remain naked for a while, he took a quick bath as the temperature or the water was not hot.
As the weather was not so hot, the women decided to put on her sweater, so in fact she was dressed to our eyes, so my boyfriend was in a situation of double cfnm!

After sometime he decided it was a good time to take a little trip to the seashore and we did it. We came back to the safety of our towel after a couple of minutes, and after that, an old women completely dressed appear, she walked a little bit on the seashore and my bf took a pic of his cock while he was layed with the women at the background.

But the things will not end there, and after that he said it was a good moment for a walk along the beach. For that moment I was in my bikini, and we have taken some pics of us in the towel, with me wearing the pink bikini and him naked, of course hahaha. 

Then walks along the seashore came. During our walks we saw another couple in cfnm situation, they were seated in their towel next to us but we didn´t see them before because of the sand dune in between us. The girl was completely dressed and the guy took some baths naked, cfnm style hahaha.

My boyfriend took some baths during our walks along the beach while he was naked (I like to emphasise, I don´t want anyone to forget it hahaha) and when we came back from one of them we discovered a family, the man and the women of about 50 years old and the daughter of about 16 years old, only 5m from us, the man was naked, the women were in the bikini, so it was completely cfnm situation, as my boyfriend got the towel and he was infront of the woman and his daughter, who could see him prefectly and probably they took very good notice of his dick hahaha.

At the end of our stay at the beach, another girl arrived, this one was completely naked, but when she noticed that we were walking to our towel next to her, she moved in our direction and took his phone, I don´t know if she was only reading some wassap or something like that, but she could have the chance to take some pics of my bofriend, who knows... hahaha, we commented that, and we have some laughs about that when we went from the beach.

I hope the story is interesting enough and that is not dissapointed for you and your readers hahaha, but I thing that is quite good to be our first experience

Asian boyfriend, dressed and humiliated ...  

...that's usual at WNBR !  

Some friends and readers suggest me that the behaviour of Asian girls 

of teasing, embarrassing and even humiliating boyfriend at wnbr is recurring.

Many are the ways:

- posing with naked guys in front of their dressed Asian boyfriend

- making their boyfriends to pose with them 

- asking to their own boyfriends to take pictures of then close to naked guys

- demand to their Aian boyfriends to follow the Western ones standard, undressing

Since Asian guys are generally shy and refuse, to humiliate them even more, 

girlfriends smile and tlk with aked guys, staring and commenting at their nudity 

and sometimes enjoying some erection too!

Here some samples ...

He shows thumb-up to hide his embarrassment, while the girlfriend is smiling
The Asian guy pretend to look elsewhere, while his girl is chiecking the naked pics
"Your boyfriend took great pics of us with your phone"
My dear the pics with these naked guys are really nice!

Darling, take a pic of me with this huge black cock

"your boyfriend should follow the example of this nice guy" their friends tell to the girl on the left close to her fiancé

girls are happy to pose with the naked guys, while the Asian dressed boys are not!

"thank you for posing with me. I like how you are confortable with nudity. On the contrary, my boyfriend taking the pics is not"

"My darling, shoot while he is hardening!"

All the girls smile at that big cock, but the boyfriend of the girl on the right is humiliated

Painting school

A guy posing naked for female painters to be ...

Every woman in the room stares carefully at every deatil of his body ...

Friday, September 28, 2018


35. Chris, another reader discovering cfnm (also) thanks to my blog

CFNM is definitely a growing trend, in every form, situation, country and age!

More and more blog's readers send me messages and photos.

Here one more of those.

"I just love getting naked with and around women but opportunity's for casual nudity are not common.

I have always had this need, and for my life have been made to feel like a deviant until I found this blog, all of my fantasy's involve purvey girls forcing me to be naked.

Looking for a kinky purvey play mate to encourage me.


Thursday, September 27, 2018

Naked attraction, 3rd edition

The 3rd season of this (cfnm) TV program has started on the past August.

Here some amazing cfnm scenes from the 2nd episode

Look in the blog for the previous post about Naked Attraction

The presenter looks at the new contestant Josh

He smiles, happy to show her (and to million of women) himself naked

she asks hin to turn to check also his ass
and she comments his genitals

and now the female contestant is coming ...

wow, he is completely naked between two dressed women

and seen in the nude by million of women in UK
they all checking carefully every detail of him

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Nude during a festival; all the woman are staring at him ...

smiling, shooting and chatting about his nudity

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Tennis club charity calendar, dual standard is the standard!

Monday, September 24, 2018

Asian boyfriend ... dressed and humiliated !    

It is well known that Asian girls love posing with naked guys during wnbr.

They generally like to watch and admire the cocks of Western men, as those of their Asian boys are very small.

Moreover, their boys are generally shy and do not want to be naked, especially if they are in public.

So some girls do not just pose with naked Western boys, but even get photographed by their own boyfriends !

To humiliate them even more, they sometimes pose together, with the naked western boy and the Asian-dressed boyfriend!

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Celeb couples love to show their love on magazines ...

and have photos taken in a cfnm scenery

Here the Canadian hockey player God Brandon Prust 

and the girlfriend Maripier Morin.

Brandon's girlfriend Maripier Morin is featured on the reality show Hockey Wives, and both were photographed for the Canadian magazine Châtelaine.

Fine cfnm photography is this an option for everybody?  Do common people have their photos taken in cfnm scene? Does boduoir photography turn in cfnm?

cfnm mandatory at wnbr ... 
police women have to check men comply with the rule ...
and the enjoy their task

(see also this police woman)

Friday, September 21, 2018




34. Another (shy) couple loving cfnm

More and more blog's readers send me messages and photos.

I apologize with you all for delay in answering and posting, but time available is short and mail is too much!

Here one of the many photos that my readers send me.

Thank you very much everybody!

Her wedding ring on display while cupping his balls

Thursday, September 20, 2018

La rue du destin ...

pour les hommes c'est cfnm

(the destiny way ... for males it is cfnm)

CFNM SEX: fingering him

Taking his cock out of his underwear, grabbing him, caressing his ass hole and then ... fingering him hard ...

Definitely having him completely

A roockie tfnm couple on the beach

Her pale tits and his untanned bottoms show they are beginners

Her complicit smile ad his hidden growing dick show they enjoy the situation ...