Friday, January 18, 2008

Couple in Cfnm ... with another dressed couple
Another nice situation: dressed couple with another nude couple:
Maybe the dressed couple girl is embarassed in looking at another guy nude in front of her boyfriend ...
or her boyfriend is jealous in such a situation. Or she would have her boyfriend in the nude too!
Maybe the cfnm couple girl
s is embarassed or jealous in having her boyfriend nude in front of another girl ... or she would have the other guy nude too. What do you think about it?
Girls, would you like this?
Guys, would be in that nude boy role? or are you pissed off?
Comments, please.
Kisses Marie
Couple Cfnm: a male dare or a female tease?
Couple Cfnm: a male dare or a female tease?
Often there are couples in Cfnm situations.
Are these for the boy excitement or for the girl pleasure?
Guys enjoy to exhibit their assets being with their girlfriends,
maybe wanting to embarass them, showing their goods to other women ?
or ...
Girls like to show their boys in the nude to other women,
being proud of their boys assets?
Girls are amused in exposing their guys in the nude to embarass them?
So are interesting the pics where other people are involved
or it's amusing looking at the couple's faces expressions
I want boys and girls opinions!!

Girls amused ... boys embarassed

Girls amused ... boys embarassed

The real appeal of a Cfnm situation is the people mood.

I like a lot situations where the girls are amused and they laugth at the nude boys ...

… while the guys are embarassed and they try to cover theirselves …

They are humiliated in being naked in front of dressed girls enjoying their nudity! I want your cooments, boys and girls!!