Monday, June 21, 2010

W N B R 2 0 1 0
N. 4
- Double couple, double standard

Two couples in a very funny sit at WNBR 2010.
Both girls are dressed, but only one guy is nude.
The girls asked to their reluctant boyfriends to show their assets at the WNBR.
After a lot of talks, finally the girls succeded in persuading them ...
But then only one satisfied his girlfriend desire!!
So the blond gilr on the right is smiling prodlyi showing her guys in the nude ...
The left one is bored for her boy stupid joke!
So the nude guy happly feels his girl ass, while ...
the dressed guy has his ass grabbed by girlfriend and he tries to block her hand wanting to take off his brief!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

W N B R 2 0 1 0
N. 3
- Nude guys posing with dressed girls

Guys enjoy being nude
among dressed girls ...

girls enjoy the view ...
and they want to keep a souvenir ...
guys are happy to pose
nude with dressed girls
The first pic is the best:
2 nude boys pose around a dressed girl,
another girl takes a pic

W N B R 2 0 1 0
N. 2
- Girsl enjoying attending WBNR.
Look at their faces while
watching nude guys and taking pics

The last pic is priceless!
Look at her face!
"The 2 guys are nude, the girl is nude ...
MyGod, maybe they ask me to o to undress?"

W N B R 2 0 1 0
N. 1
- Girls in Cfnm paradise

She's going closer for a better view
She looks at him!
Beach couple
CFNM in Real Life

Monday, June 14, 2010

N i c e g r o u p !
One fully dressed girl among many nude boys!
What situation is that?
Is the embracing guy her hairy boyfriend?
Why is she in such a situation?
Is her hairy boyfrend scared in having the girl such a view?
Is she embarassed?
Tell me your idea!

Monday, June 07, 2010

Friends or couples?
These guys show off their nakedness ...
- to amuse themselves ...
- to impress the girls ...
- to encourage the girls to do the same thing!
But are two couples or simply friends??

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Many for one!
Whats' the game?
The lady put the guys in a row, then ordered them to pull down their briefs!
She lady seems to appreciate and she speaks to a female public only ...
B2B is a huge run in San Francisco, an happening with hundreds thousands of people. This event is attended also by a large number of naked people, both male and female. However, the nude crowd is about 70-80% male, though the "nude" females in that ratio include the ones who are just topless, that likely outnumber the fully nude ones.
Many people attend for the sole purpose of watching at the nudity, happily snapping pictures and posing with naked people. Women are just as---if not more---open about their wathing. Many young woman like the fact they "see more penises in one day than most women see in a whole lifetime."
There are also couples walking hand in hand, with the woman clothed and the man completely naked. It's as though the woman is supportive of her husband's public nudity, and is there for him, but keeps her threads on. What a cfnm paradise!!