Monday, April 28, 2008

What kind of Cfnm situations
do you like more?


To make my blog more and more close to visitors taste, I opened this poll. Please, answer in large numbers!
The present rank:
1. nude with female friends
2. beaches
3. nude dressed opposite situations
4. college games
5. couples
6. grab him
7. party
8. spa&resort
9. art, films, paintings
10. happening
I'm a little surprise by these first results: beaches were expected, but friends is quite a surprise! Also ndos is a surprise! I thought about a better result for college games! Happening: nobody like those!! Why? a fantastic opportunity to have nude males on display for a lot of women.
Please, answer in large numbers! Kisses Marie

Friday, April 11, 2008

Varsity 2008

Every year, in Holland students celebrate this challenge among various university teams of oar, in the locality of Houten.
It is an event very special because in the end students plunge in the water of the river.
They do it always on spring and already it is a tradition.
Both female and male students, with the tie with the colors of the team, plunge in the water to celebrate winners, but ...
Girls generally undress to their undies, while males keep on only ties!!
Generally there are a lot of full dressed girls watching at nude boys on display
A very nice Cfnm tradition!!