Wednesday, February 23, 2011

She's a gut girl!?
No, it's a genial artistic photo!
A sort of trompe l'œil
Perfect male attributes in the mirror between the girl's legs
Round hanging balls, soft penis, brown hair ...
The girl smiles at the naked guy in front of her
Absolutely genial!
Embarassed ... who?
He is embarassed, he cover his assets, no doubt!
But she is embarassed, or ... amused?!
What's your opinion?

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Beach couple
The right amount of hair, balls and dick on diplay, maybe a little aroused, as he is looking at her tits

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Every girl should sign her boyfriend in such a way!
College games sometimes involve funny situation.
Is she really her girlfriend, showing her man ass to the world?
she si simply a school fellow, humiliating him in front of everybody?
Anyway, very exciting!!!
A reader great contribution: Mallorca beaches II
Nena, a woman loving cfnm sent me these pics of common beach life.
I report again her message: "The beach is called Es Trenc in Mallorca. Mixed crowd, nude and none nude there are no sign posts or anything. You are free to go as you wish. Loots of CFNM couples and also lots of groups of teenagers and women in bikini walking around the nude men!!!!!
We took these photos with my husband, and of course we DO practice CFNM (We are not in any of those photos, sadly, hahahah!!!!!)"
I love especially the first three pics:
she has a black very modest swimsuit,
he is stark naked, the shaved pube showing in the spotlight his assets
College games: nude guys in front of a line of dressed girls
They are trying to cover their nudity,
but girl are launching water in order to make them to remove their hands.
Anyway the first guy is clearly showing his balls!!!
Private pics: we love cfnm!
A common people couple takes a selfshot!!!
She can't stop herself laughing!
Friends camping

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

All girls dressed, all men nude!
The seated girls is looking at he naked guys thinking
"what is the best dick on display?"

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Monday, February 07, 2011

She sends a sms to her friend: "Yes, I'm on the beach showing my hubby nude while I'm looking at cocks and balls of another!"
He says to her girlfriend: "Yes, my love, I'm the only man to be nude in the crowd!"
She thinks "I love when he exposes his huge balls to the world"
She says "You need a lot of sun lotion on your white ass"
She thinks: "I like walking around showing my tits and his dick"
"She thinks: "I like this show in the parking ..."
"No, I don't undress, but I like to have you and your friend in the nude"
It's a pity he hides his dick, but I think that my huge bood on disply make him hard

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Nena, a great contribution from Mallorca
Other nice pics from our friend Nena: absolutely stunning!!!
Different couples in Cfnm: women love showing the pale ass of their men.
It seems it's the dress code in that beach!!!
Many thanks to our reader Nena,
that loves displaying her husband nude on Mallorca beaches!!
B e a c h
c o u p l e s
a g a i n !
Girls love showing their men nude to other women ...
Girls love showing their tits to other women an men ...
Girls love showing their tits for exciting their men ... in front of everybody!