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A    p  a  r  t  y  . . .

She's organizing the boys layout for the picture shooting

Oblation is really an event for the females' fun. 

This girl is so arranging the boys position to have the best pic of the event 

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

A couple hard selfie

Oblation runners stop for posing with girls


Women and girls of all ages love posing close to naked Oblation runners

A smile for the pose

What's the wrong element in this pic?

Posing for a selfie

f  u  n      s  c  u  l  p  t  u  r  e        a  r  t

Yale University, the Saybrook Strip

Saybrook students are known on campus for "the Saybrook Strip", a ritual performed during football games at the end of the third quarter. Both male and female college residents strip down to their underwear (some males  remove all their clothing) to accompaniment by the Yale Precision Marching Band, which formerly played "The Stripper". So CFNM is on!

The girls faces and smiles say all

Naked in front of the crowd, a great CFNM show

All the females looking there and smiling ...
Ready for the beach, a couple or simply friends?

In the kitchen with friends

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Oblation run: a parade of dicks and balls for the girls to watch

S h e     r e a l l y     e n j o y s     t h e     s i t u a t i o n

Balls out for the friends

Girls appreciate a lot the show and have a lot of fun

Friday, December 23, 2016

Promenade a la plage

A pic for a friend

G I R L S     O F     O B L A T I O N       R U N

Some readers commented about the small size of the Philippino boys ...
I agree, but what makes great Oblation Run is not the dicks' sizes, but the peculiar atmoshpere: a huge crowd of dressed girls staring at naked boys.Their attention and mood toward the male nudity, their excitement in seeing (for someones for the first time) a guy genitals openly swinging ... the idea of investigating their identity to discover a school fellow in the nude ...
All the girls simling, screaming, taking pics and commenting ...
All the few, poor dressed male embarrassed ...
An amazing CFNM event, notwithstanding the penises size!

"Wow, this naked boy gave me the rose !!"

"Oh My God, they show everything !"

They are really happy in shooting the naked guys

A girl oversees the door of the male lockeroom ...

All smiling ...

Her face expression is priceless

"Yes boys, we filmed you naked!"

"Hey,I discovered how my deskmate looks naked!"

Also a Western girl attending the run, but she not as excited as the Philippine girls

Thursday, December 22, 2016

A couple in private cfnm ...

Women love taking naked pic of their men

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

The female perspective of the Oblation Run



First time to watch Oblation Ru


"The first time I actually heard of Oblation Run was back in High school. My high school friends cut class to watch the UPLB Oblation run, which is famous for guys running around the campus totally naked. I’ve never seen/watched the oblation run before after being in UPLB for three years now and and this year I made sure to be in the loop just in case the event happens again.

I want to watch and see what the fuss is all about. I tried doing test shots first to make sure I will be capturing the event…properly.

I thought they’d be running around the campus first but they chose to have a “show”in the area of the UPLB Oblation prior to running around the campus.

While I was taking these shots, I kept thinking: “I cannot have these ass shots all the time”. So my colleague Sheenah, who was sent by our boss to record the run via video, and I ran in front.

As you can see, I got full frontal view, for reporting purposes."


To read the entire story and shots:


and also the following edition

In my opinion,  the best of these photos are not the penises on display 

but the girls' faces, reactions, laughs, smile, etc.

A crowd of girls smiling and taking pics
Girls are carefully checking males' details

All the girls are smiling and the few dressed boys keep the umbrella for the girls

Receiving a rose from a naked guy while the dressed (embarrassed and sad) boyfriend helds the umbrella for her

All the girls taking pics

Monday, December 19, 2016

J  A  P  A  N  E  S  E           W  R  I  T  I  N  G