Sunday, February 02, 2014

TFNM POLL: maybe the right answer is the 3rd ?

"Because she go topless to have him excited and so showing a larger dick"


Anonymous said...

Is that a snake coming out from the sand?

Anonymous said...

Funny! 'She' needs a trim!

Anonymous said...

She rolled back her swimsuit on purpose to show her tits, but she kept her bottom covered.
Her hubby was really excited by having her showing boobs to everybody.
Definitely the right answer to the poll is the 3rd.

Anonymous said...

No topless women, Anon. The men go in the nude while respecting the women's need for modesty and privacy.

Anonymous said...

I love being erect on a beach

Anonymous said...

Dear boyfriend, this is what we expect from you in our relationship,

1) Never wear swimsuits ever.
2) Always be naked at night at home.
3) Voluntarily give your girl a CFNM love life.
4) Take care of yourself and do what it takes to look handsome naked.

PS: please massage your penis like the guy in the photo as love to see it hard and erect.

Love, your girlfriend.

Anonymous said...

i thought that was Catlyn Jenner for a second, until i looked closer

Anonymous said...

Oh what a large prick you have sir

More for your viewing pleasure my lady.

Dear sir can I touch your huge cock

If it is exposed you can touch it all you want my lady.

If I hold your balls tight will you do what I want.

My lady if you hold any man's ball hard enough any man will do whatever you want.