Monday, May 31, 2021

 C a m p i n g     w i t h      f r i e n d s

Why only one boy is naked ?

Is he the boyfriend of the girl?

The other guys are pissed beacuse they don't want to undress ? 

Or are they jealous of the naked one?

Or they are ready to do the same?


Sunday, May 30, 2021

Comics reflect women's forbidden fantasies

What's yours?!

Naked men and clothed women are more and more a subject of visual arts: movie, photos, comics, cartoons etc. Often female domination is a key theme, pegging is usually shown!

Saturday, May 29, 2021

Friday, May 28, 2021

 Skinny dipping with friends

In the winter ice, only girls stay dressed bacause of the cold ...

Thursday, May 27, 2021

An episode of the NBC family drama This is Us featured some cfnm scene.








Episode 15 of the fifth season found the extended Pearson family gathering for the bachelor and bachelerette parties for Pearson son Kevin and his bride Madison. While Kevin was off with the men, Madison got a major surprise when Kevin's sister unveiled model Joe (played by Colt Prattes) who would be the subject of their art project. It was quickly revealed that the two had history and Joe previously ghosted Madison, making his nude modeling scene quite awkward, as the ladies painted him.  



Wednesday, May 26, 2021

A    b e a c h     w i t h    a   v i e w ... 2


The dressed girls enjoy the view of the naked man,

they look at him openly 

and then even talk with him,

staying seated with their eyes right in front of his genitals

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

A    b e a c h     w i t h    a   v i e w 

All  the dressed or swimsuited women enjoy the view of the naked man,

staring at his naked cock

Monday, May 24, 2021






Male nudity is more and more shown in movies and, above all, cfnm scenes are steadily growing.


In this movie a great cfnm scene, like this, when she even grabs his dick.


Julie Bremon, Les rencontres dapres minuit

Sunday, May 23, 2021


134.  NICOLA, an Italian friend loving cfnm

This Italian man is a great fan of CFNM 

and sent me over the time a lot of CFNM pics

Everybody wait for more and more pics from him ...

hello maria, it's always time for cfnm fun!
Even on a rainy and boring day the cfnm can cheer up.
And it's simple fun: just one man and one woman, and mandatory male nudity.
What are you waiting for guys? strip naked for women!
kisses from Italy.


Friday, May 21, 2021

Naked Attraction Season 2021

More episodes ...


This TV programme is spreading all over Europe becomming more and more popular.

Especially CFNM scenes are enjoyed by a growing audience.

The female presenter as well as the women in the TV studio and those in their homes

appreciate the show of different male genitals ...and every male detail is shown closely

Look for several posts in the blog

Thursday, May 20, 2021


133. Ricardo, a new cfnm couple on the beach

CFNM is more and more popular and couples practicing it are increasing quickly.

Readers of the blog sending me their photos and stories also are growing ...

Here another nice contribution !

Thanks to all readers making this blog great!!

Dear Marie,

Here I send you the photos of me and my wife at the beach. 

This was the first time I stripped myself on the beach. 

My wife reacted very well and took out her bra too. It felt very good. 

Since then, we are a cfnm couple. 

We practice cfnm on naturist beaches and some public places, like outdoors and hotels, when there's no one nearby.




Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Naked, tied and exposed on stage

The fine dressed girls ties him up and poses him so that his genitals hang so that all the female audience can see them well ...  

... then maybe he touches him and invites women in the audience to squeeze his balls and put a finger in his ass

 He stays tied up in that position ready to have his balls groped and fingered in the ass by all the girls


Tuesday, May 18, 2021


luckily they had taken some memories

Sunday, May 16, 2021


132. JEN: "Convince my boyfriend to practice cfnm in public ..."


After many months of stop due to Covid, this nice cfnm couple comes back.

Everybody is very happy to hear (and see) from them again.

Here the story and some pics they sent me.

We all are eager to hear from you again soon!!

Thanks a lot, Jen and Arnie, you are always welcome!


Hi Marie,
Hope you are well, we keep OK and this weekend we returned to the nude beach to do some CFNM.
Hope you like our photos and the story of our day there.

This was the first day at beach on 2021 for us, due to COVID restrictions we couldn´t go to the usual beach and we needed to look for another one, it was a very good day and we didn´t want to miss the opportunity to practice some public CFNM.

We found another beach near to our place, this beach was even bigger than the other one we used to go, but when we arrived we discovered that people were nude only in one side of the beach, no other nude bathers were in other parts of the beach although we read that the beach was completely a optional clothe beach. Maybe this was only because it is May and the nude bathers use to concentrate in certain parts of a beach like we noticed in other beaches.

When we arrived we noticed that the people there were almost all of them men, and some of them were obviously gays, only a another two hetero couples were there and there were both of them, woman and man, totally nude, so no other people were there doing CFNM like in other beaches.  For me the temperature was a little cold so although I wanted to be in bikini, I remained fully clothed during all the day.

We  started walking near the seashore like we have done many other times but this day instead of going walking from one side to the other of the beach we need to go back in a point marked by the last man that was laid nude over his towel, far from them there were some empty beach and then only textile bathers, this was a pity because there were maybe a couple of kilometers more to walk. At the beginning there were not many things to talk about, only a woman walking next to us in topless that didn´t seem to be very interested in looking at us. 

This time I have asked Arnie not to shave or even trim his pubic hair, I wanted to make him a little bit ashamed by all this hair making his cock look smaller, but maybe his cock is very big for that.

A couple of hours later happened the only think that was worthy to comment about the day. A couple of women of about late 50s or 60s years old was walking towards us, I told Arnie to walk in their direction to take him some photos walking next to them, as mowadys with COVID we don´t ask other women to take pics of us, for sure we would do it with these women if the situation was different. When they saw me taking the photos they looked to be not very interested in Arnie, but when I leaved the camera they looked more at him with some interest expression on her faces. We continue walking about some meters behind them until we reached the end of the beach were there were some rocks. I wanted to give them some kind of a show so before they reached the end of the beach I caught Arnie´s cock to make it a little bit bigger and also making him a little bit embarrassed with that. 

But something that I didn´t take into account happened, they didn´t turned at the end of the beach and instead of that they placed their towels behind some rocks that partially covered them and stayed there for sunbathing in topless. Meanwhile we continued walking until we got near that rocks and because of the movement and my attentions, Arnie´s cock started to get bigger and bigger and reached a partial erection, maybe at 80% of it´s biggest size. In this kind of situations Arnie always looks for me to cover him and hide his erection from strangers sights, this time his only possibility was being behind of me to cover him from the people back in the sand, very far but with a wide open clear view, or if Arnie decided to turn and another old man next to us that were also in the rocks but in a different angle from the woman and some meters away from them. 

So Arnie was in an awkward situation, he must decide to show clearly his almost fully erected cock the whole beach, to the old man or to the old women. I decided for him and moved to cover him from the old man view and totally exposed him to the old women. The women were sitting on their towels and preparing for sunbathing but as I said before Arnie got her attention when walking on the beach and one of them decided to look at us and she got a great surprise. She saw Arniés cock almost fully erected, she showed a little giggle on her mouth and laid on the towel, but when she did that the other woman looked in our direction to show as well Arnie´s cock. You know what have happened, of course what the women did when turned was talking with the other woman to see the show Arnie was giving and they did it several times so we can be sure they enjoyed what they saw.

Arnie and Jen


Saturday, May 15, 2021

Friday, May 14, 2021

She is smiling, checking his photos on her phone


Thursday, May 13, 2021