Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Is he amused or embarassed? Is she enjoyning or is she embarassed? Are they a couplu or simply friends?

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Women love to expose their men in the nude?
Recently I found a lot of pics of couple in cfnm situation;
on the beach too I meet a lot of couples with the girl swimsuited,
or topless, and the boy full nude.
Some doubts about it:
Are girls more shy than their men?
Men do not like to show their women nude?
(I'm sure a lot of men like to have their girls topless on the beach.
Some my boyfriends pushed me to go topless, even if the kept their swimsuit on!).
Women like to expose their boys in the nude to other girls?
Men like to exhibit themselves and they girls accept it but they dont follow the example?
(many of my female friends are in this case)
Do women love to have their guys exposed nude or they are embarassed?
(personally, I enjoy that situation!).
I want your opinions (boys and grils).
I love this picture ...
Another amazing situation in this pic!
Five, common girls fully dressed around one stark naked boy!
A lot of exciting questions:
1. one of the girls is his girlfriend?
Maybe the red one,
smiling as she is proud to show his guy nude to her friend?
Maybe the thin blond, with a shy smile,
embarassed in having his boy exposed nude?
Are all friends or strangers?
Who is the most embarassed girl?
and who the most excited?
What is the story behind this pics?
What do you think?

Friday, July 18, 2008

Friends, Beach, Couple, Ndos ...?
There are some amazing situations
that are very difficult to be categorized!
What is the story behind this pics?
A) 3 friends on the beach: 2 nudist and 1 not?
Beach Cfnm + Ndos + Friends
B) a nudist couple and a textile female friend?
Couple Cfnm + Ndos + Beach Cfnm
C) a Cfnm couple and nudist female friend?
Couple Cfnm + Ndos + Beach Cfnm
Anyway I love a lot this pic!!
Likely the B) situation ...
the boy seems to be the most embarassed:
he shows his dick to a female friend
(maybe his girlfriend's friend)
and at the same time he exposes her girlfriend in the nude!
The naked girl seems really happy!
She is nude and she is exposing her boy in the buff to her friend!
What do you think?