Thursday, December 23, 2010

Barcelona walks
The downtown beach in Barcelona ...
a large beach close to the city ...
nude guys on the beach among swimsuited girls
nude guys in the pormenade among fully dressed women
very exciting ....
A nice view ... CFNM at its best
3 girls seated with a stark naked boy ...
their eyes at the right level for a close view
nice girls ... nice dick and balls ...
You can also appreciate his hanging balls
Many pretty girls looking at 2 naked guys
Nice views in Denmark from Roskilde Festival!!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Couple on the beach ...
the Cfnm love
She's kissing his hand to thank him that
he's opening his legs
to show his dicks and balls
to other women walking on the beach ...
College games in Belgium
Dressed girls enjoy staying among nude male
(and touching them!)
Nice couple
They are surprised by some friends in a common shower ...
They cover thamselves, but ...
She's topless and her tis are hidden
He is nude and you can see a gimpse of his assets under his hand!!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Mallorca couples
Mallorca beaches are a Cfnm paradise ...
a lot fo common people experience Cfnm sit there
Among a lot of people, this girl likes to show her white tis
in order to persuade her boyfriend to go stark naked.
A sole pic that should represent the Cfnm spirit ...
That's this photo
She's smiling at a nude guy
She's dressed
She's holding him
She's looking at the photographer ...
for sure another girl
Happy birthday ...
in your birthday suit!
The blondie girl tells to her friend:
"Yes, for the birthday of my boyfriend,
I organized a Cfnm role for him!"
Let me touch you in front of everybody
Yes, I love you ... naked among my frineds!!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Mallorca couples
Mallorca beaches are a Cfnm paradise
...many couples like to practice double standard there
...often girls like to go topless ....
maybe hoping to show not only their guys in the nude, but also their hard-on!
Here some real photos of real people.
She says:, "Ok, now you have given me your swimsuit, we can go for a walk ...
Are you sure you like to have me walking stark naked?
Yes, I'm already wet ...

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Let's go guys, let's have fun ...
Show me your naked as, so I spank you!!
I can eat your dick!
In the school a brief party ...
The girls say: "Guys, your pants down please!

Friday, October 29, 2010

A lot of Cfnm at Wnbr ...
but also other nice situations: Ndos, NFCM, CFNF, CNNM, etc.
Here everyting together!
- One nude boy with three dressed girls: CFNM
- A naked couple with many dressed people: NDOS
- A nude girl with two dressed guys: NFCM
- A naked guy with two dressed guys: NMCM
- A nude girl with three dressed girls: NFCM In addition the naked couple is ...
a real couple of fiancés and
it's even more exciting being in the nude and exposing the partner!!!What is your preferred situation?
College games ... and boyfriend!
College games are good oportunity for having naked males among dressed girls.
CFNM is always exiciting, but if you can see your fellows naked ... is priceless!!
If one of the guy is your boyfriend ... is even better!!
The blue shirt girl is looking at a lot of boys undressing: very exciting
Also her boyfriend is naked very very exciting
The girl can see a lot of dicks and her boyfriend knows it
The boy is showing his dick to other girls and his girlfriend knows it
The girl kisses his naked boyfriend ....
Maybe she wish he has an hard-on to show!!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Beach couples and ...
a strange double couple
A lot of beach couples: she is topless, he is full naked!!
Rather a common situation on many beaches ...
But what happens in the last pic?
two naked boys and two heavy dressed girls!!!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

More than one ...
More than seeing ...
A real private pic of friends...
Two couples are on vacation together ...
The guys undress, their girlfriends not yet ...
One of them pose for a pic with the boys, the other girl takes the snap
The posing girl goes further and she takes the guys' cocks, also that of the boyfriend of the other girl!!!
Another girls that likes to show
her guy in the nude
to her friends taking pics
"I love you expose your balls ... "
She says to her reluctant boyfriend.
She loves showing her boyfriend balls and
she persuaded him to do it during a party!
But he is scared ... and he doesn't want to show himself to everybody.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Where is she looking at?
Wow, 2 naked guys among a lot of dressed girls!