Thursday, January 29, 2009

Real or not, anyway amusing ...
The boy seems embarassed,
the women enjoy and they are laughing ...
Couple and/or friends
In the first pics the wife is amused by the situation
and to stress it,
she tries to cover him ...
a good reason to touch him in public ...
the third is the best:
the swimsuited guy is her husband or a friend?
She is embraced by him,
but she touch the other man assets!!
Very exciting.
In every pic the girls are topless.
What do you prefer?
Couple and/or friends
Another couple or friends situation ... or a couple is with friends! What's this pic? Friends or a couple with a friend? Kisses Marie

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Couple and/or friends
One of the most exciting cfnm situation is the couple one,
another is the friends sit ...
the best if the couple is with friends!
What's the first pic?
Friends or a couple with a friend?
And the 2nd one: friends or a couple??
NDOS Nude Dressed Opposite Situations
CFNM ... NFCM ...
but also NFCF, NMCM ...
I'm always excited by situations where some people are in the nude among dressed people ...
I', a girl, I prefer CFNM, but also looking at nude girls while dressed is nice ...
and also showing herself in the nude to dressed people on the beach is exciting ...
What do you prefer??
More comments, more pics!!
WEI Weekend d'Integration
In France students have sometimes Week End d'Integration,
a school trip with games and jokes.
Often these are fantastic opportunities for going crazy, with funny and daring games ...
Undressing and nudity is often involved ...
French male students remain "a poil" more often than girls ...

Friday, January 16, 2009

(Nr. 11)
Croatian and French Beaches
One of the most common Cfnm situation are at the sea ...
In the 1st pic two nude guys with a topless girl in Croatia
In the 2nd pic a Cfnm couple on a french beach ...
among a lot of nude guys ...
A double Cfnm situation: the girl show her man and ...
she looks at a lot of other nude guys!!
In France there are a lot of parties
often people undress ...
often girls enjoy nude garçons keeping their dresses, or at least undies on ...
I love French Cfnm attitude!!
Kisses on your naked cheecks boys!
Art cinema ...
Often films show actress in the nude,
but sometimes cinema is a good opportunity for Cfnm scenes, I saw the last film played by Kate Winslet
I like her common girl look and ...
this fine cfnm scene!!
Group or couple?
Two couples at the pool,
A group at an happening,
A couple posing,
What the best Cfnm situation?
In the first pic, who is the girlfriend of the nude guy?
In the second one, is the girl married with one of the naked guys?
In the third one, the girl is smiling because is showing her husdand naked to a female friends taking the picture or because the nude man is the husband of her friend?
I wait for your oponions!!
In the green of Scotland an happening was held ...
I don't know the details, but I found these pics ...
Does somebody know something about it?

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

College games: Wappu in Finland

Vappu in Finland is a party for high school graduates and it is also the national Labor Day.

In Finland, the eve of first of May is especially a student’s party. Students wear special dress and cap, go to a picnic, drink a lot, play strange games and dares and ... undress

In Erasmus stages, foreign students learn that finnish people attitude toward nudity is very open and the sauna is a social must.
Male students as well as female ones undress for games and drunk often remain full nude ... More often males than females ...
I like this cfnm attitude that became a tradition ...
I would like to hear from someone that visited Finland and experienced Wappu!!!
Kisses Marie
Couple ...
Amazing real beach cfnm scene:
a topless girl with her nude guy ...
Having him exposed in full glory is not enough ...
Embarassing him showing her brest is not enough ...
... so she grabs his dick for a better show!