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Tuesday, June 29, 2021


138. Dave, asked to be naked by his wife ...

Wife B goes on in teasing her hubby in naked shooting.
She sent me some pics, telling the story. 
"It seems to be getting better here and I’m taking the first pics for a long time.
I would love to have taken these outside but I did not know how these would go. 

I had to put some fun in it. I had Dave sit in a bay window. He said to tell him if a saw a car. 

I did right after it passed him, I was holding in my smile ..."
Here some of thse amazing pics, more revealing Dave and wife ...
More to come ! Thanks a lot !

Dave and wife already contributed to my blog here, more and more and more



Monday, June 28, 2021


CFNM is common in several circumstances, public and private, for couples and for friends, 

on the beach or during festivals and events, in spa and lockerroom, 

in sex and in everyday life, for common people as well as for celebs ...

In conclusion, is more and more a normal life custom ...

Sometimes, CFNM is also something harder, a part of a new teasing experience, 

a tantalization, a sexual fetish ...

So, the blog considers also "The hard side of CFNM".


Tied naked, exposed and whipped

in public by a woman ...

makes him hard

A scene at Fantasy Fest, arms tied to a cross, cock and balls tied with a rubber band


Sunday, June 27, 2021

Guys, what's the most humiliating situation 

your girlfriend can put you in?  

1. she exposes and shoots you naked while she remains dressed? 

2. she poses for a photo with a naked guy while you watch?




Saturday, June 26, 2021

Summer is here, let's go to the beach !

Yes, all the women on this beach are swisuited, that's the rule

Anyway your fully tanned shaved pube is so nice

I send your pics to all my friends ...


Friday, June 25, 2021




Austrian rivers and lakes are usually clothing optional.

Very often males only undress completely and CFNM is a common  standard ...

She's really happy to see him naked

She smiles looking at his glans sticking out of the foreskin

Her conservative swimsuit contrasts with his nakedness

and now she looks at the other guy waiting for him to undress too



Thursday, June 24, 2021

 Everybody is waiting for the next WNBR in Brighton


Wednesday, June 23, 2021

A     C F N M      F A M I L Y     

Exposed naked in a park to the sight of 

his wife, mother-in-law and sister-in-law ... 

and all passers-by




Tuesday, June 22, 2021


Students' games and initiations often goes cfnm ...

This competition is definitely unique: all the girls in the background are looking at the naked guy ... 

and when when he has to kneel at the table, the girls laugh and cheer 

as they have a complete and spectacular view of his balls and asshole

and maybe someone thinks about how she would like to fuck him.

He is definitely the winner and all the girls look at him tight there and smile

Monday, June 21, 2021

Cartoons show the secret fantasies of women:

having a naked man tied to be used as a toy ... 


... sticking a plug in his ass


Sunday, June 20, 2021

Cartoons show the secret fantasies of women:

having a naked man tied to be used as a toy ...


Saturday, June 19, 2021



Female tourists as well as local women love the traditional tribal event in Easter Island. 

A very small strip barely hiding male package and fully exposed ass for guys 

is the traditional outfit really appreciated by women.

Some men seem to be tourists too and not local ... 

maybe the pleasure of women of having their men exposed

Look at girls, several with camera, smiling at nearly naked men ...

Some more here


Friday, June 18, 2021









CFNM in an Eighties' movie, CFNM has been a long tradition ...

Thursday, June 17, 2021


137.  Bart, a Belgian friend loving to pose in cfnm style


CFNM is not only a fantasy, but also more and more practiced in real life.

Also readers of the blog sending their own pics are increasing a lot.

No doubt public cfnm is the best and this Belgian nudist friend show us many nice pics

Thanks a lot!

Are the girls embarrassed or simply shy?

She de

finitely loves him and his body shown in the sun. Bart are you excited?



Both girls smiles happy posing close to him

two is better than one and she kneels to take a closer look 

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

A couple posing in the wood, 

not professional models, 

but everyday people in cfnm

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

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Sunday, June 13, 2021


136. JEN: "Convince my boyfriend to practice cfnm in public ..."


Following their last photos, Jen and Arnie sent me some more.

Everybody is very happy to hear (and see) from them again.

Here the story and some pics they sent me. 

Reading the story you understand that some women took their own pics of Arnie naked ...

We all are eager to hear from you again soon!!

Thanks a lot, Jen and Arnie!


Hi Marie,
we were at the beach last weekend and we have some more pics for you and a little story.

We came back to our favorite beach and a part from that it was a very normal CFNM day with walks along the beach, some women looking furtively like a young girl with her boyfriend sat next to us that Arnie caught several times looking in our direction, for sure thinking that her boyfriend should be naked as well.

Another “Instagramer girls” in between many photo sets of they took of themselves, checking the pics and probably the many likes they received from their young boyfriends candidates they had some time to take a look at Arnie´s  long swinging cock in some of the times he passed next to them and ... 

... who knows if maybe they took a CFNM photo of us while passing along, who knows, it´s something we will never know.

But the most important thing of the day it was that finally during COVID-19 crisis we have asked another woman to take a CFNM pic of us. 

We saw a woman walking around with her dog and Arnie commented that maybe it´s time to ask for a pic as people looked more relaxed than in previous year. I thought that the woman was not the best candidate for that, but I agreed with Arnie idea so I was not going to leave the beach without having a new CFNM pic of us taken by an stranger woman. 

After a couple of walks along the beach and when Arnie was not expecting that I saw a couple of middle age woman that were talking in between them in a relaxed way. I walked towards them and asked if they would mind to take a pic of us. They agreed and took a single pic, in fact they looked a little bit nervous, maybe they were frightened by Arnie´s “anaconda”, well, just kidding… hahaha, but they tried to look more relaxed by saying they will take a couple of photos so we can choose the better of them. 

Our thoughts about the nervous they showed were confirmed when we saw that unfortunately she only took one pic. In the other hand we thought that maybe they were only nervous because of Arnie´s nakedness and for sure not because they were impressed by his well proportioned naked body, but we will have new signals discrediting that in a few minutes. After posing for the pic they started walking and we did the same, as we all were in a corner of the beach we walked in the same direction behind them and after a few minutes one of them turned her head to take a look to us, like if she wanted to know if we kept walking behind them. 

After some more time we saw that they were part of another bigger group of women and when they arrived to the group they told to the other women something that made them shout showing joy and making some kind of jokes while they looked to us. As before with the young girls, we will never know but looks that they were talking about the pics they just took and maybe the other women were jealous they didn´t have the opportunity to do the same.

The day did not give opportunities to do something more special as the tide with high, there was no many room at the beach to do something naughty and suddenly the wind started to blow with force and temperature dropped so it was not very comfortable for Arnie to be naked there, that made us came back to home and expect that this is only the beginning.

Arnie and Jen.



Friday, June 11, 2021


enjoy life, enjoy Cfnm !!

CFNM is growing also in advertising !

 Bertolli - Wikipedia


The spot of this product shows three mature women looking to a guys changing swimsuit of the beach.

So one of the woman send his tog to take off the towel to the men, leaving him naked and embarrassed.

She quickly takes a photo of him naked and both woman laugh enjoying the show !

A great cfnm scene, showing CFNM is more and more common and popular in any situation

Here the video


Thursday, June 10, 2021

Bay 2 Breakers 26929

She loves posing in a cfnm scenery 


Wednesday, June 09, 2021