Thursday, December 20, 2007

Smiling Girls ...

Smiling Girls ...
Girls reactions are an important part of CFNM.
Often the
girls smile at nude guys...
They are amused, excited and
they laugth at the boys assets show ...

Friday, December 14, 2007

Beach again!

A pic: a real situation, from Flickr:
I had no idea Baker Beach was a nude beach. HAHAHA it was amazing. Like, being stoned and walking down the beach and all of a sudden everyone is naked is one of the funniest things that can happen to you.

A story
The hot sun felt so good on her bare skin, the bikini she chose allowing the exposure of parts of her body that were usually covered from sight.
She was 18 now, a young woman, a young woman with very mature features. Her breasts, already fully-developed, were on display as if she was proud of their development. She walked with a certain cockiness, knowing she could steal men's stares and take control of their hearts, not to mention other parts of their anatomy.
Her legs were her best feature, especially her well-rounded thighs that were already perfectly tanned as a result of weeks of laying out in the sun. This day in the sun, however, was far different than the others. Donna, the 18-year-old virgin who had never even seen a naked man let alone pleasure him, was at a clothing-optional beach for the first time. Her 26-year-old cousin, Jamie, begged she keep her company at this resort for the afternoon. It was called South Beach, but it might as well have been called Donna's awakening. She and Jamie, a blonde-haired, blue eyed beauty with sexual wisdom she was trying to pass onto her young relative, walked along the sand in their brand-new bikinis. Jamie did this sort of thing every weekend. Donna was very much new to it. They picked a spot near the water to relax and lie down. Donna's feat curled in the sand out of nervousness, looking around and seeing the naked back side of so many men. But it was when these men turned around that Donna was most aroused. The male penis was something the 18-year-old brunette was studying in great detail on this day. Almost as if she was studying for a test, Donna checked out the package of every male on the sand with intense focus. She didn't just look, she stared. She viewed the male genitals as three parts - the head of the penis, the shaft of the penis, and the sack underneath the penis. She saw some men had larger heads than others, others longer shafts. She was very disappointed when seeing some that looked like two-inch long stubs, but delighted when she caught a glimpse of a respectable erection. "What do you think?" Jamie asked her cousin, who had been speechless for the past half hour while the women relaxed in the brightening sun. "I love it," Donna responded. "It's neat how we can see their things." "Their things?" Jamie asked laughingly. "What is that kind of talk? Donna, if you are going to hang out with me you are going to have to develop more of a vocabulary." "Well, what do you mean?" asked the innocent one. "I mean you have to learn the slang terms for the penis, and also the testicles," Jamie explained. "Oh, you mean those cute little things hanging underneath their things, the ones that jiggle when they walk by us?" Donna asked. "There you go again with that word - things," Jamie said. "Come on, name some terms for the penis. I know you know some." Donna definitely did know some. She just never used those words. It was like a book of information in her brain she never bothered to access, terms she had heard from television, from school and even at home from her older sisters that she didn't dare speak. "Well, okay," Donna said. "How about dick?" "Very good," Jamie said. "And some more?" Jamie had asked for it. She didn't know the plethora of information that was about to pour forth from Donna's usually innocent mouth. She had all of this sexual energy pent up, and wanted to let it go free. "Cock, prick, pecker, schlong and dong," said Donna, almost forming a poem-like answer for Jamie. "I'm impressed," Jamie said. Donna, not satisfied, gave even more responses. "And I know a guy's testicles are called his balls, or nuts, or the whole thing can be called a nut sack," she said, getting to use these terms for the first time. "And when a guy gets hard, that's called a boner, or a woodie, or a hard-on." Jamie was speechless now, rather surprised with Donna's input. "Very good," she said to her younger cousin, who rolled her hand through her long brown hair, which hung to the top of her shoulders and blew through the soft breeze in a sexy fashion. Donna loved to tease the guys at her school, loved to show off her sexy legs by altering her uniform skirt into a mini one. Her catholic-school education had landed her an academic scholarship to a top college, but this weekend was about attaining a different type of knowledge. "What's the biggest dick you've ever seen?" Donna asked Jamie. "Oh, probably only about five or six inches," she responded. "My current boyfriend, who doesn't know I am here of course, is about six." Donna was disappointed to hear such modest measurements. "Well, how big can they get?" asked Donna. "Can" was the key word Donna used in that question, a word that left a wide-open range of possibility. Neither Jamie nor Donna knew for sure the limit of the growth of the male penis, a fact that made this trip to South Beach even more enticing. Like a pair of fisherman, they never knew just when they would reel in the big one. "Oh, I don't know. I'm sure they can get quite big," Jamie said in a general sense. With that, Donna started to lay farther back on her towel, wanting to take a quick nap in order to rest up for the party Jamie was throwing at her house that evening.
Chapter 2
About an hour into her nap, Donna awakened to the touch of a gentleman caller. "Miss," the voice said. "Some dollar bills blew off your towel. I thought I would return them to you." The man handed the barely-awake Donna the money she had mistakenly left uncovered, and speeking of uncovered Donna noticed this man was nude. He was squatting in front of her in a way that covered his genitals - the side of his right leg facing the 18-year-old brunette, blocking her curious view of his crotch. "Oh, thanks," she said, accepting the money and putting it into her small purse. "What's your name?" the stranger asked. "Donna," she replied calmly, beginning to notice the man speeking to her was not bad to look at - he had a strong upper body with well-defined muscles and bright blue eyes that went perfectly with his light blonde hair. "Mine's Derek," he said to her. "You're very beautiful." Donna knew she was beautiful, but enjoyed hearing it from a hot guy. "Thank you," she said. "You're pretty handsome yourself." The two were on the verge of a conversation when Jamie awoke from her nap, and reached out her hand to shake that of the visitor. "My name is Jamie," she said, also delighted by the company of the muscular gentleman. Derek was a bit too far away to reach Jamie's hand, and although he could remain kneeling he needed to swing his right leg over and expose his front side to the women. Donna anticipated this, and when Derek altered his position, she lost her cool. Letting out a very audible gasp, Donna was shocked to see that Derek's penis hung down so far it almost touched the sand. On his knees, his penis appeared bigger than had he been standing, appearing almost like a third leg that hung loosely from his crotch. "Oh, sorry if he startled you," Derek said playfully of his dick, as Donna would call it. "Most women are kind of shocked when they see it for the first time." "I don't think I would ever get used to seeing something that big," said Donna, now very much wide awake. It was something that had to have spawned from Donna' sexual imagination. This couldn't be real. How could a man have one so big? It looked like something that would appear on a donkey or a bull, maybe even on an elephant, Donna thought to herself. "You from around here?" asked Derek, trying to make small talk. Small talk was the furthest thing from Donna's mind right now. She had much bigger thinks to think about, specifically Derek's penis. To tease her, he squatted directly toward her, the head of his remarkable phallus now hanging to the blanket the two young women had laid down on the beach. Derek enjoyed the sight of Donna's eyes staring right at his crotch - even when she spoke to him her focus was not altered. She was not making eye contact at all. "Donna, for God's sake try to be polite," said Jamie laughingly. "Stop staring at the man's dick. Although, Derek, I wouldn't mind having a better look." Derek obliged, and turned to face Jamie, his huge penis swinging up over his right thigh and onto to his leg. Derek then shoved it off his leg and let it dangle back down toward the earth. "Now I know why you were staring," Jamie said to Donna, who now was noticing how fat it was, its girth nearly the size of her delicate wrist. The head on it was almost obscene - the size of a small tomatoe. Donna wondered how it could ever penetrate a female without ripping her in the process. She even doubted its authenticity. "This isn't some kind of joke, is it?" asked the young one. "I mean, that's not a fake or anything is it?" "Why don't you see for yourself?" replied Derek. Now, Donna had gotten herself in trouble. She was a bit nervous with the thought of touching a man's penis, let alone touching it with dozens of people walking by her in bright sunlight. Her right hand started to extend, and she looked both ways cautiously as if she were at a stop light. She wanted to make sure no one was coming. Her fingers softly touched his giant cock, and once having made contact she slowly gripped it and encircled the shaft with her tiny hands. It felt awfully soft, almost like silk, its massive state not yet hardened by her touch. She let go, and gave her aproval to Derek and Jamie. "It's real," Donna said. "The thing is real." Derek then sat in between the two women, giving each of them an equally broad view of his dick. "Why do you ladies have all your clothes on still?" Derek asked. "Because we want to," Donna snapped back at him. Derek liked a girl that made guys earn the right to see her flesh. Donna, on the other hand, enjoyed the empowering feeling of being clothed while Derek, on the other hand, was naked. An amusing image formed in her mind of Derek trying to fit his humongous package into a tight swim suit. "Could you even wear a bathing suit if you wanted to? I mean, because of that?" asked Donna, pointing to Derek's crotch. "I think I'm a lot more comfortable this way," he replied.
Chapter 3
Donna wanted to be with Derek in private, to spend more time staring at his privates, and asked Derek if he wanted to take a walk with her along the water. He agreed with no hesitation, and Jamie, although happy Donna had met somebody, was disappointed she had not met such a well-endowed individual. Donna took Derek by the hand and started walking with him toward the water. She noticed how with each step, Derek's dick swung back and forth the way a pendulum would, back and forth, back and forth. It sure is a heavy hunk of meat, Donna thought to herself. Could he put it on a scale and weigh it? "Um," she stammered. "Were you always that big? Like at what age did you kind of notice you were a lot bigger than most guys?" The two stopped and faced each other, the ocean water just about meeting their feet. "Well," Derek said. "Let me put it this way. When I played little league, I didn't have to worry about wearing a cup because my dick was so big it covered up my balls." Normally, Donna would be offended by such obscene language, but with this guy, she would let it slide. She even laughed at his response. "Well, now the obvious question," said Donna, not the only woman on the beach to be staring at Derek's manhood. "How big is it?" "Never actually measured it," Derek replied. He's so full of shit, Donna thought to herself. All guys measured their dicks. They took pride in it. This guy probably started measuring his when he was nine, she thought to herself. It was probably huge then. How could he not measure it? The thing hung almost halfway to his knees, for crying out loud. You would think he would know every measurement of it - from length to width to weight. "Oh," she replied. "Just curious." Donna started to wonder what it would look like in its erect state. All of the erections she had seen on the beach that day - Donna counted four in all - were pointed straight upward because the dicks were of normal size. But Derek's dick? How could it stand upright if he got a boner?, she thought to herself. Where would he get all the blood from to fill it up? "So do you do come to this beach often?" Donna asked, for once actually looking into his eyes and not at his crotch. "Almost every day," he said. "I just have a thing for showing off what I have. I think I'm probably going to be a male stripper - I mean, I could make a lot of money and it's really easy." "Dude, I don't think you could wear one of those G-strings," she said. "The bulge would be the size of a grapefruit." Derek laughed at the spirited conversation he was having with this youngster. "How old are you?" she asked him. "I'm 21. Just graduated from college back home," he said. "I'm here on vacation. You?" "Eighteen," she said. "Leaving for college in the fall. Was thinking about joining like a sorority or something." "Great idea," he said. "I was in a frat up at school. Good time." It was getting awfully hot, so the two returned to the blanket to re-join Jamie, the three of them resting in what was now a secluded spot on the beach. Most of the people had vacated the area to go to a volleyball game being played a half mile down the sand. The three of them had more room to themselves. "Can you rub lotion on me, Derek?" asked Donna, who winked at Jamie as if to say it was time to tease their gentleman caller. "Sure," he said. "First, my feet," she requested. Donna had the tiniest, cutest feet a girl could have, each nail manicured to the most distinct detail, her ankles meeting the base of the foot at the most perfect, natural angle. Derek then began to rub the creamy white substance into her soft calves, then her knees, and then her upper legs. Only inches from getting to touch her gorgeous, perfectly-well rounded thighs, Donna waved him off, and said "that's enough." Derek could not hold it any longer. He needed an excuse to pleasure himself right there, right then. He had never known such a young woman with such powerful teasing skills as this Donna, who had gotten a chance to not only look at, but touch, Derek's massive, horse-like dick and he could not even touch for a second, her thighs. "I have to put lotion on," he said, grabbing the bottle from Donna in an almost rude fashion. He squirted out a big blob, almost a foreshadowing of what eruption of fluid would soon take place, and applied it to his soft penis. "What the hell are you doing?" Donna said, although she started to get very hot in places uncharted by any of her previous boyfriends. "I'm just putting on lotion," he said. But Derek was not just applying sun-tan lotion to a part of the body not normally exposed to the summer sun. He was masturbating, and masturbating feverishly. Donna began to notice how each time his hand moved up and down, it had to make a longer trip - his dick was growing, and growing to proportions Donna never thought possible. "Holy shit," said Jamie, who had earlier whispered to Donna that even she had not seen a dick as big as Derek's, ever. "Derek, stop that," Donna said, who had no real intentions of wanting this horse-hung man to cease jacking his giant prick. His dick had grown to a state where it pointed up and out from his body at a wide angle, the head of it bright purple and his balls slapping against his crotch. Donna was staring at his balls, and could not believe the distinct shape of them outlined in his sack - the looked like two huge grapes, maybe even plums. Derek kept stroking his dick, its mighty structure pointed right at Donna's pretty little feet. And then he stopped, and when he let go of his fully-aroused member it flung back toward his body and smacked against his belly with a resounding thwack. Donna giggled for a moment at the noise his giant dick had created. "You like it now? Is this what you wanted to see?" asked Derek, jutting out his midsection so his cock would hover over Donna's legs. "Oh my God," Donna said. "Stop it, Derek, seriously," said Donna, now rubbing her foot against Derek's cheek. "You really shouldn't do that on the beach, stroking your big dork in public like this. You should really put that thing away." God was this girl a tease, Derek thought to himself. He went back to work on his cock, but this time he did not last long. There were six shots in all, almost like a round of gunfire, six shots, six thick ropes of come that blasted from Derek's rediculously-oversized penis and onto Donna's uncovered legs. The first one reached her thighs, and she promptly rubbed it into them to tease Derek even more. His dick hovered for about a minute, almost unsure of whether to stay hard or shrink down to its enormous flaccid state. Ten minutes passed, and his dick finally hung down along his leg again. No words were spoken after he came. Just a note was written by Donna and handed to Derek as the two women walked off. Derek opened the folded paper to see an address, Jamie's address.
Chapter 4
The two women were preparing for the party, and Jamie let her young visitor know there would be nudity involved. "CFNM? What is CFNM?" the inexperienced brunette said with the innocence of a cuddly kitten. "Clothed female naked male," Jamie explained. "It is an opportunity for women to view the naked male body. Just like we did at the beach today. Only here we make it mandatory, not optional, that women keep their clothes on. That way, the girls are free to stare at the naked guys all they want and not have to worry about guys staring at them." Donna's heart raced and she felt week in the knees, very sexy knees you could say. Everything on Donna seemed to be sexy, even something as generic as a knee. But she didn't want to let Jamie know just how excited she was. "You mean we can stare at their dicks?" Donna asked very calmly. Donna couldn't believe her own ears. She was saying the word dick so freely nowadays. It had become a standard in her vocabulary, used even more frequent than the word "it", or "the." She especially liked that term dick, more than any other term for the male penis. She admired its bluntness, its one-syllable directness. Dick. It sounded so degrading to call a man's penis his dick, but Donna enjoyed that, enjoyed making a man feel degraded in order to control him, making his private parts not so private. They were on display and open for discussion. "Of course you can stare at their dicks, Donna," Jamie said. "Later we will play a lot of games too." Donna began to rub lotion on her already-tanned thighs, the ones that poor Derek could not keep his eyes off of, the ones that made his mammoth penis grow to its awesome potential in Donna's presence. While Donna was rubbing lotion on her award-winning legs, she remarked to Jamie "Oh, games are always good, especially marco polo." Jamie burst out laughing. Donna asked her what was so funny, but Jamie said nothing. In her own mind, she found it so funny that Donna thought they would be playing kiddy games like Marco Polo. Oh, they would be playing games, but not the ones Donna had grown used to. Donna wanted Derek to be there, and wanted to again stare for endless hours at his remarkable organ and watch it stab the air with its vigourous jerks. But she did not want Jamie to know how much lust she had for Derek, because then Jamie might have Donna do something like remove her top for Derek's pleasure, which is something the 18-year-old virgin wasn't ready to do just yet. But she had to know if Derek was invited. "Is that Derek going to be here?" Donna asked. Jamie saw this as an opportunity to tease her young friend, and seized the opportunity. "Derek...Derek..," Jamie said aloud, pretending to not remember who Donna was referring to. "Which guy was that?" Donna could feel the blood rushing to her face, embarrassed she was going to have to describe a man by the size of his penis. "You know," Donna said. "The guy we met on South Beach, the guy with the really big dick." There was that word again coming from Donna's mouth - dick. It felt so good to say it. "Ohhhhh," Jamie said. "You know what? I forgot to call him." Jamie was lying. She did in fact not call Derek, but didn't forget. She purpously did not call Derek because she wanted Donna to do so. It was almost like an initiation into the CFNM circle, Donna having to invite a man she knew to be naked in her presence. "Oh, don't worry about it," Donna said, trying to cover up her disapointment. "Maybe we'll see him on South Beach tomorrow." "Don't be silly. Why don't you call him and tell him to get his ass, and his huge dick, over here!" Jamie said. "You think I should?" Donna asked. "Of course," Jamie said convincingly. "But you do realize you have to tell him what kind of a party it is, so he will be prepared to be nude. And also so he will have no illusions of seeing you naked just because he is naked." "Well...can't I just tell him when he gets here, kind of casually?" "Absolutely not," Jamie demanded. "You have to tell him on the phone." "Okay, okay," Donna said, slapping her hand against her gorgeous thigh. The sound Donna made with her hand triggered a memory of Derek, and she felt brave enough to share it with Jamie. "Jamie, what does this sound like?" asked the sexy brunette, again slapping her hand against her thigh. Jamie, for once, was at a loss for words. "I give up," Jamie said. "Derek's big dick, remember? When he kept getting a boner and would make it slap against his belly?" Donna said enthusiastically. "Oh my God, Donna, you naughty girl," Jamie said. "You do in fact have a thing for Derek if you could remember something that obscure." Jamie made a good point about Donna's infatuation with Derek's penis, but the reference was anything but obscure. The sight and sound of that young man's organ slapping against his belly like that of a horse's will endure in both of the women's fruitful sexual minds for a long time. Donna asked Jamie for the phone, and for Derek's number. She gave her giddy friend the digits. The phone rang only once, and Derek's deep voice answered with Hello. "Derek?" Donna asked. "Yes, this is him," Derek said. "Hi, this is Donna, from South Beach, remember - " Before Donna could finish her sentence, Derek interupted. "Of course I remember you, the gal with the killer legs," Derek said. Donna was tempted to say "yeah, and you were the guy with the killer dick," but avoided the temptation. "Yeah, that's me. Listen, you want to come to a party Jamie and I are having tonight?" Donna asked. "Sure," Derek said. "What time is it at?" "Oh, about 7," Donna said. "But there's one thing. It's a CFNM party. You familiar with them at all?" Derek did not have a clue. "CFNM? What is that, like BYOB or something?" asked the innocent Derek. Donna's face began to blush. She knew she was going to have to explain in detail to Derek what he was getting himself into. "Um, well, I'm new to it as well," Donna said, wanting to try to make Derek more comfortable. It was easy for her - she wasn't going to have to be naked. "It stands for Clothed Female Naked Male," the young female explained. "All the guys, well, they have to be naked. And serve drinks and stuff to the women, who all have their clothes on." Serve drinks? Jamie never mentioned anything to Donna about serving drinks. Did that just creep into Donna's mind? Did the thought of having a naked, well-hung man waiting on her somehow creep into her mind without her knowing? Jamie stifled a laugh at seeing her precious little cousin Donna turn into a CFNM addict. She had created a monster. "Wow," said Derek, a bit frightened but at the same time very, very turned on. He had intensely enjoyed being nude in front of Donna at the beach, so why would being nude in front of her at a person's pool party be any different? "It should really be fun, come on, we would love to have you," Donna whispered. She then cupped her hand around the phone so Jamie could not so easily see what she was saying. "Pleeese," Donna begged the well-hung man on the other end of the line. "Sure," Derek said. "I'll be there." Donna was overjoyed. She gave a naughy smile to her cousin and jumped up and down like a cheerleader. She had been a cheerleader her last two years in high school, an activity that greatly contributed to her model-like figure that teased men and took control of the most vulnerable part of their body. Penises tended to harden in Donna's presence, even when this princess had all of her clothes on. She celebrated with Jamie, who asked atop the cheers "Serving drinks?" "I don't know," Donna said. "I guess I got carried away. But it will be kind of funny to see him serving us with that big thing flopping around." Jamie laughed at the delight of Donna, who then quizzically asked her friend "How do think he gets dressed?" Jamie was not sure what Donna meant, and asked for an explanation. "I mean...where does he put it? I mean, how does it fit? Do you think he lets it hang down one of his pant legs?"" "One thing is for sure," Jamie said. "He won't have to worry about getting dressed in our presence tonight. Just undressed." Donna took a deep breath out of her lust for Derek, and awaited his arrival with great anticipation. While the two women joked about the problem that must await Derek every time he dresses, the center of their jokes, meanwhile, was thinking of what to wear. He knew he was going to be stripping, but he couldn't actually drive naked to the party. Or maybe, he thought to himself in a joking fashion, he could drive naked and let his penis control the steering wheel. It was practically long enough. But he then went back to serious matters, trying to find an outfit that the women would enjoy tearing off him. His penis had always caused him problems in the fashion department. Briefs were out of the question. So were tight shorts. Jeans were okay if baggy enough, but too baggy and he would once in a while sit on his penis, which wasn't the greatest sensation in the world. He figured he would wear dress pants. Why not? It's kind of a formal party, in terms of there being a guest of honor. He knew he was indeed that man. After getting out of the shower he put on a pair of black boxer shorts that allowed his penis to hang comfortably down his right pant leg (he wore it bigger on that side) and yet be kept in place by the fabric. He then put on a white polo shirt and tan pants that Donna would soon be clutching in a lusty fashion. He couldn't wait to be nude in front of her yet again. There were already three naked men at the party, mingling in the back yard with their hostess, Jamie. Donna, however, refused to leave the front of the house, waiting at the opened front door for her horse-hung admirer. Her mind began to wander, to how it must be when Derek goes to masturbate and has to play with that monster of a dick.

Varsity rowing

Varsity rowing

Each year on the second sunday in april, a 125 year old student-rowing tradition takes place in a canal just a little south of the dutch town of Utrecht. A highlight in these boatraces, is the final race between the 4-coxless in which various teams from the various universities in the country compete for the highest honour in rowing.
Also tradition is the naked greet by supporters of the winning team, the men wearing university ties only, right after the boat has passed the line. In fact all young ones (freshmen) are more or less obliged to participate, if they are a member of the winning university rowingclub. A lot of students partecipate in the nude swim, but girls generally keep on their undies, while guys are full nude!!
A crowd of girls watch at their male school fellows in the nude and ... laugh a lot!!