Monday, July 29, 2019

Having fun with friends,

males always have to undress more than females ...

Sunday, July 28, 2019


A vintage movie ... a cfnm fetish dream

From the movie "Die Todesgöttin des Liebescamps (Love camp), girls dominated and beated a naked male

CFNM is common in several circumstances, public and private, for couples and for friends, on the beach or during festivals, in spa and lockerroom, in sex and in everyday life, for common people as well as for celebs ...

In conclusion, is more and more a normal life custom ...

Sometimes, CFNM is also something harder, a part of a new teasing experience, a tantalization, a sexual fetish ...

So, the blog considers also "The hard side of CFNM".



A    C  F  N  M           R  E  S  O  R  T


Saturday, July 27, 2019

San Francisco, again ... a great parade for the ladies!

Friday, July 26, 2019


Not only naked men on stage handling their penises for amusing women,

but also female spectators involved in the show!

Thursday, July 25, 2019

San Francisco WNBR 

Proudly posing, shamless taking pics 

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Euphoria tv series

The controversial TV series with a large dicks display ...

Monday, July 22, 2019


T H E      W O M A N      I N     R E D 

A long row looking at him only

WNBR is a well-kown opportunity for Asian girls to watch Western naked guys.

That's the case, a great symbolic case: a huge number of Asian females (with their Asian dressed and embarrassed boyfriends or male friends) staring at a nice dick going to harden ... priceless!!

Sunday, July 21, 2019

Kapsejlads, a Danish university event

Kapsejlads ("Boat Race") is a tradition at the Aarhus University park 
A huge crowd attends the naked competition.
The largest part of the naked competitors are males, while the majority of the audience is female.
All the girls enjoy the show of naked guys, commenting their nudity and taking pics



She keeps him by the balls ... and squezees them!

CFNM is common in several circumstances, public and private, for couples and for friends, on the beach or during festivals, in spa and lockerroom, in sex and in everyday life, for common people as well as for celebs ...

In conclusion, is more and more a normal life custom ...

Sometimes, CFNM is also something harder, a part of a new teasing experience, a tantalization, a sexual fetish ...

So, the blog considers also "The hard side of CFNM".



HAWAIIAN SKIRT ... double standard 

Saturday, July 20, 2019


56. JEN:  "Convice my boyfriend to practice cfnm in public ..."



"The first day of the 2019 summer"

Jen goes on in telling us their cfnm experienced to the beach ...

... and she sent me a lot of pics to be shared with you all .. enjoy!
Thank you Jen !!

"This was officially the first day of the 2019 summer and we noticed that the temperature at the beach was the highest one up to the date. Although there were some clouds on the sky it was a good day to be at the beach, as I said the best one we had this year.
We reached the beach and as always I made my boyfriend strip naked as soon as he put a foot on the sand, while I keep my clothes on. Once he was naked I started to put the lotion over his skin, this always takes some time that I enjoy caressing all the parts of his body, and is literally when I say all the parts, because I never waste the opportunity to touch his cock and balls in public, this time with the perfect excuse, as I have to be sure his manhood is not burn by the sun. 
I enjoyed a lot doing that, but this time I wasn´t the only one, next to us there was a young couple of about thirty years old, and I noticed that the woman took several quick looks at my boyfriend naked body. She wore a light blue flower bikini and his boyfriend was wearing a red trunk. 
This couple was maybe the kind that is for the first time at a nude beach and the want to leave their first nudism experience but they aren´t brave enough yet. I always think in these situations that women like her envy me as I have a boyfriend that don´t refuse to show his nakedness when I ask him. I always enjoy these situations and my boyfriend as well.
Some minutes after, when I was finishing putting the lotion to my boyfriend, another woman arrived, she was leaving the beach. She was with her kids and she looked us with not a very happy expression on her face. I never understand this kind of persons, you are in a nude beach and you look like you disapprove other people to be naked there. If you don´t want your kids to see other people naked you shouldn´t take them to this kind of beach. This wasn´t the last time something like this happened this day.
We took all our stuff and we walked all along the beach to the other side where we put our towel and started to walk along the seashore with my boyfriend completely naked and me wearing a light blue rain jacket with a white t-shirt bellow it and a black skirt. So, we were following a CFNM dress code as a couple.
This day there was more people that other times at the beach, but as the tide was low you were able to walk almost without crossing with anyone else. We looked for a woman to ask for our first pic of the day, and we saw a young twenty something girl, she was not very slim but her she had a shaped body with firm but not very big tits. When we asked for the pic she looked a little bit embarrassed, but she didn’t refuse to take the photo, she took two pics very quickly, looking that she wanted to finish as soon as possible with this moment of embarrassment. We thanked her as we always do with the women who take pics of us.
With our objective of having a CFNM pic took by a woman, we relaxed and started to walk talking about our things. Everything was normal when we were reaching the other side of the beach, but I wanted some action, so I started to try to excite my boyfriend.
I touched his butt introducing my finger in between his ass cheeks and reaching from there his anus and balls while I told him things that I know that can make him hard, like remembering him that he is naked because I want and he can´t do anything to hide his cock and balls to the other women of the beach, for example to the dressed woman that was walking towards us accompanied by her husband. 
All this make him start to increase his penis size, not to the point that is was pointing forward to the couple but for sure to the size which it was completely evident to the couple that my boyfriend was excited.
We continued walking in direction to the couple and after we crossed them my boyfriend confessed that he had to look in other direction because of the shame he was feeling while he was getting hard. We reached the other side of the beach only after walking some more meters after crossing the couple, for that moment my boyfriend cock was hard and pointing to the front. It wasn´t his biggest erection, his cock wasn´t beating like it uses to do when he is about to explode of excitement, but it was big enough to point forward as I said.
I decided it this was perfect to took some pics of me holding his dick and balls, I retracted his foreskin to show completely his glans. For that moment I remembered the comment of some people saying that when a man glans is exposed is the biggest degree of nudity that he can reach, I commented to my boyfriend trying to make him feel even more naked.
We continue our walks I decided to leave my rain jacket on the towel, but as the sun was not always shinning because sometimes it was covered by the clouds after walking only some meters I felt a little bit cold and I told my boyfriend to go to the towel for my jacket. He run there and when he was coming back I grabbed the phone and recorded a slow motion video of him running naked in my direction, with his cock hanging free and moving loose from one side to the other, up and down and moving like a big snake anytime he took a step, also I took some pics. All these made me feel very horny.
We continue walking and I saw two naked women coming in our direction. They were middle age women not attractive at all. I decided to ask them for a picture and give them the opportunity to take a close look of my boyfriend body and genitals. They were very kind and accepted to take the picture. Later we crossed them and my boyfriend took a photo of them from a far distance as a way to remember the situation in the future, this is something we are trying to do now, so we have something more to remember.
We walked along the beach and my boyfriend saw another women coming in our direction. He said that we should take a picture of us posing, I agreed, so we asked her. At the beginning she continues walking, not realizing about us, but we insisted and finally she stopped. She was a medium age slim athletic woman with dark wavy hair. She took the phone and made the pictures of us. The funny thing about the situation was that when I was taking the phone back and I was thanking her she only had eyes for my boyfriend, she didn´t stop looking at him, maybe it was a big surprise for her that we asked for a pic and for sure she enjoyed.
The day was finishing and we decided to came back home. But before, we had to walk along the beach to the exit. I took the opportunity to take some pictures of my boyfriend naked walking in between other people. But I realized that at this moment there were more people at the beach that in the morning and many of them were clothed, not in bikinis or trunks but in street clothes. This make me felt a little bit uncomfortable. One thing is people in the beach wearing bikinis or trunks, but wearing street clothes I think should be forbidden at least during the summer time. I took a photo of a group of about twenty young men and women to illustrate this situation with my boyfriend naked in front of them. The women of the group seemed to be looking in our direction, like they were complaining about us for taking a picture.
When we reached the other tip of the beach we saw other people,  in bikinis or in topless. In fact, the not official dress code was CFNM, as all the men were naked and only one woman was naked.  Is funny when you see that men are naked and women only show tits. My boyfriend took some pictures of the group next to us, with all the men naked, one women with beach clothes, other woman in topless, that is like it should be in this kind of beaches although we won´t mind if the other woman was in topless as well. My boyfriend enjoyed the look, as that woman had a generous breast that he always enjoys seeing.
The last curious thing happened when we were dressing up, I was almost totally dressed, while my boyfriend still completely nude. A couple that was about to leave the beach walked towards us with their dogs. The dogs started barking us maybe because they smelled some food we had at the bag. The woman that owned the dogs excused and both of us started to talk with her. My boyfriend started to caress the dogs with the clothed chubby read head woman next to him, only one step distance from his hanging cock. For sure the woman enjoyed the situation and it would be funny to take a picture, but we didn´t dare to ask for that, maybe in the future if something like this happens again. This was the end of this new day at the beach.


Friday, July 19, 2019

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Couples love the wnbr double standard

Several couples rode at WNBR in different ways, but cfnm and tfnm are definitely the rule

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Protest goes cfnm and tfnm!