Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Wudja Cudja,
identifying her boyfriend feeling dicks!
Wudja Cudja,
identifying her boyfriend feeling dicks!
I loved a lot the TV British show called 'Wudja Cudja' (ITV2). Its amazing to see what humiliating tasks people will perform for a little money!
Some examples? The program usually takes place at the beach in summer with shorts/bikini everywhere.
For £100 UKP two girls were persuaded to run around the beach getting five random strangers to autograph their bare breasts with a marker pen.
Then there's 'Bikini Tug of War' where two beauties have the front of their bikini tops tied together and have to pull and strain their tanned, sweating bods until the opponent's top is ripped off...
Another challenge, not Cfnm in a strict sense, but really fun is the following.
A blindfolded girl is dared to identify her boyfriend feeling inside the shorts of a row of guys! She feels the dicks of 4 (embarassed) boys, while other girls are laughting. Then she embraces the guy she thinks to be her boyfriend, but when she takes off the eye patch she realizes he is not her boyfriend! Really nice!!
How did her boyfriend thought looking at his girlfriend grabbing other guys dicks?
How she was embarassed in not identifying her boyfrined dick??
Here some caps and the video.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Wudja Cudja

A guy strips in Wudja Cudja
I discovered an English TV series, where people wehre dared to do odd things for money. Some are disgusting or humiliating, often related to nudity. In oone of these, the presenter, a girl, dare a guy on a beach to take off his swimsuit ... after some talks he accepts! Very amusing situation!! Kisses Marie