Monday, August 31, 2020

     B e l l e      E p o q u e  . . .     


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Saturday, August 29, 2020

Asian girls having fun at the penis park ...

Smiling while posing for her boyfriend

Two hands around and ready to go beyond

They would like their boyfriend have the same size

Ready to take it up!

Feeling it on her

Friday, August 28, 2020



95.JEN: "Convince my boyfriend to practice cfnm in public ..."


Many readers ask me for news from this nice cfnm couple ...

Here the last news from the.

Thans a lot, kisses to Jen and Arnie.


One of the days at the beach Arnie had one of his bravest moments doing CFNM. Lately I use my butt to cause him erection while he is naked there, when he holds me from my back surrounding me with his arms, I rub my butt over his cock and tighten it over his dick, only after seconds of doing that I can feel his cock growing. Many times I keep like this hiding his erected cock with my body to the other beach bathers.

Arnie always says he wants to have more exciting experiences, so one day in our favorite corner at the beach there was a moment when we were almost alone, apart from three young women in bikini that were walking along the seashore. I had used my butt trick over his cock and it was quite hard, but not at is maximum length and hardness, I asked him if he felt brave enough so I can move from in front of his body and position myself surrounding him with my arms from behind totally exposing his cock.

He answered that I could do what I want, so I decided I should show him 80% hard to those women (of course with that percentage is obvious that he is excited). I moved behind him and he put hi arms behind his body holding with them my butt, that made his cock and his tightened abs with his bottom V shape pelvis abs completely visible to those women who were moved in our direction from our right side, coming to us in diagonal direction following the natural course of the seashore. 

They were young slender nice women, not beauty enough to win a beauty competition but enough to take some attention from over them from the rest of the men at the beach. Arnie wore sunglasses so they couldn´t see his eyes, but even thought he admitted to me that he was so embarrassment to look directly at them even when they couldn´t see his glance. We don´t know if they look at Arnie´s semi hard cock, but I think they did it for sure, other thing is if they liked it or they thought it was obscene, who knows. 

One thing is obvious, they didn´t came to us to complain about the view, maybe they though he was experimenting some kind of a Zen moment and his cock could not do another thing but grow while I was touching his hard butt. Of course we don´t have a pic of that moment, it was impossible due to our position.

Other day I started playing with Arnie like I described before trying to obtain an erection, something that it was not very hard to obtain. We were in another corner of the beach in an area that only when the tide is very low can be reached. We were alone there and I wanted to take some photos of Arnie erected.

Suddenly a mid age women with a black one piece swimsuit appeared, I told Arnie if he wanted to cover with me, but as the woman was behind him and she couldn´t see his erected cock, Arnie said I should take some pics of him with the woman behind. After a pair of minutes the women come to us, always maintaining the distance and go over the other side of us in a place where she could see Arnie´s cock, at that moment he used me to cover his stiffened cock, even like these maybe the woman was able to see his erected cock.


All the female players are looking at him !

and the women in the audience too (also taking pics)

Thursday, August 27, 2020

Wednesday, August 26, 2020



94. A couple and her friends

I am a follower of your fantastic cfnm blog. Me and my partner have a lot of cfnm fun together. She recently invited her friends to get involved. She’s called Eva and I am called JB on your blog. We recently hosted a cfnm party at our house. I had to pour drinks and do anything they asked of me. They put make up on me and also made me wear a maids outfit. I have added some pictures.

I will send more when we next have a party




Happiness for everybody ... 

especially the girls laughing 

in the background

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

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93. Asian ladies on the beach 

Some lovely Asians ladies enjoyed taking pictures of their friend with me.


Cartoons are inspired to real life ... 

so more and more cfnm on the beach

Friday, August 21, 2020


Linda commented on August 16 post: "My hubby bets Marie won't post ten pics showing a clothed woman photographing naked men with their pimmels until Friday evening. I bet she will do.

For each pic Marie posts I am allowed to photograph my naked husband (one pic as I want, one pic similar to a pic from Marie's blog). For each pic Marie doesn't post of these ten pics he is allowed to photograph me naked (one pic as he wants, one pic similar to a pic from a blog showing naked women).

If she posts at least ten pics we will have a pure cfnm weekend. If she posts no pics we will have a cmnf weekend. I am looking forward to the next wild weekend and if I look to my husband's pimmel he will do as well. If I win I will get very bold to my husband. I hope he will do the same if I loose."


Kisses Marie