Thursday, June 17, 2021


137.  Bart, a Belgian friend loving to pose in cfnm style


CFNM is not only a fantasy, but also more and more practiced in real life.

Also readers of the blog sending their own pics are increasing a lot.

No doubt public cfnm is the best and this Belgian nudist friend show us many nice pics

Thanks a lot!

Are the girls embarrassed or simply shy?

She de

finitely loves him and his body shown in the sun. Bart are you excited?



Both girls smiles happy posing close to him

two is better than one and she kneels to take a closer look 


CFNM1976 said...

Great set./. 1 and 3 are the best./.

CFNMfan said...

Great photos! I'm just wondering how they an avoid getting hard, with that girls so close?

NudeVinzAtl said...

Awesome job of being nude for them in public!

Anonymous said...

I agree that 1 and 3 are the best. That's because when I see one NM and two CF I always wonder how the two CF are related to the one NM - GF and sister, wife and friend, wife and SIL, mother and sister ,,,,,, ?

Dark Wolf said...

bunny girls are my dowfall!

Anonymous said...

Great photos. Beautiful women and in tge last picture a woman crouched down between 2 naked men sexily licking her lips! :)

Anonymous said...

Bit weird

CFNM1976 said...

She does have nice ears.

Anonymous said...

The women can't wait to tell their friends about the size of his cock Better still let's take a photo to show them

Anonymous said...

Hello all, thanks for the comments!
This pictures are taken a the pride of Berlin 2019, during this day I walked 9(!) hours nude in public surrounded by 1 million people + a lot of police! No problem in Berlin! Nudity is not a crime and accepted in Berlin.
24 july 2021 there will be a pride again in Berlin, it will be a 'light version' without big trucks and music with social distance because Covid-19.
Again I will be nude in public the whole day and this time I will go out naked at night.
If you are there, welcome to take pictures!
How to find me? Easy, there are not many people walking naked at the pride :)

CFNM1976 said...

9 hours of public CFNMing? Lucky.

Anonymous said...

great photos ! the ladies are loving it !

Anonymous said...

I think I'm in love with these women -yes all of them!
Would beg on my knees to have my naked photo taken with any one of them