Wednesday, August 04, 2021


All women secretly want to stare at cocks. Some are more blatant, others more shy about it. 

A quick glance, a long stare, either way they're giving it a good look!



coleopter said...

One of the most special experiences you can have as a figure model is posing for a group of young women in their first life class. There isn’t a lot of time for extracurricular meditation, as they have to get you down quickly in charcoal or Conté crayon, but the shy smiles and sidelong glances at the moment you first remove your robe are telling. Occasionally one will nod to her neighbor as they take the measure of your pizzle and proudstones. Sometimes it is a look of pure astonishment, as you are quite likely the first Naked Man she has seen in the flesh. It was witheringly embarrassing the first time, but you know what they say:
“Sticks and stones may break your bones; girls’ looks will never hurt you!”

Unknown said...

I recall going through that experience when I modeled for art classes in Miami. The feeling was awesome.

coleopter said...

The studio door was invariably shut when a female model was posing. When it was my turn to play David on the podium, however, it was generally left ajar, and my dangling testicles registered a draft whenever another instructor popped in with a quick question or an administrative assistant breezed by in her clicky high heels, dispensing a curt “hi there” in my direction on her way to the storeroom to retrieve this or that.
Just outside the doorway a shy voyeuse quietly educated herself, gazing cooly from under her bangs at the twin sources and implement of my libido.
Oh well, they don’t bite. And I’m basically there to educate and inspire.
Of us male models it was tacitly assumed that we had made our peace with nudity, and that it therefore didn’t matter who had carnal knowledge of us. This was by and large true for experienced models, but for novices it made for some discomfiture. In any case, for whatever reason, norms and expectations differed somewhat per gender.

- from a forthcoming memoir, tentatively titled Buck Naked in a Roomful of Does.

NudeVinzAtl said...

what great remembrances!

Dark Wolf said...

I like female reason, I can see their smiles for long time after close the image

Anonymous said...

Congratulations coleopter on comments which are both relevant to cfnm and at the same time revealing on a personal level. I have had very similar experience to yours, having worked casually as a life model in both the US and Canada, for private groups and for art schools. I can relate to your comments about open doors and people drifting in and out. It was my experience that 9 out of 10 art students are generally feckless losers, and I got to barking at them for not closing the door and causing blasts of cold air to enter the room. I had to constantly remind myself that art school is not the same as military school.

I got my jolies mostly from the character of the professors in charge, and enjoyed it most when they were attractive females and on the bossy side.

Anonymous said...


One Eastern college had a lot of complaints about totally naked models in art but it only focused on female models so the college said all female models had to have bottoms on while they could still go topless. There was never a complaint about males being totally naked all the males still were naked. And yes, often the door was left open and the males were posed so anyone in the hallway could see their cocks and balls. There was often a lot more female traffic in that hallway when there were male models. More power to the gals for being able to see naked males. CFNM should be normal everywhere.