Thursday, August 26, 2021


147. CJ, a man loving to pose at nude events.

This blog's friend loves cfnm and loves posing naked with dressed women.

He sent me these photos with the following comment:

"Some photos from different nude events.
It seems Asian women like to attend the events
They love to be in the picture
Last nude event there must have been 25 Asian women waiting in line to get in a pics
It’s interesting they are very comfortable with nudity ..."



CFNM1976 said...

Every body smile for full exposure

Dark Wolf said...

in their point of view is not she that's naked, all fine.
in our is very good to see when girls is not ashamed or discomfort to stay at side of nude male

CFNM1976 said...

Agreed. Girls should becomfortable with male nudity. And they should be the only ones that wear. Clothes.

Anonymous said...

Loving the tight jeans on some of the women.
So does he as his cock is sticking out in the 2nd photo!

CFNM1976 said...

So do I. I love those tight jean on girls
But don't say it to loud in this forum
Some don't like it when you show interest in the fairer sex.

Anonymous said...

Who cares about that?
That's their problem! :)

CFNM1976 said...

I love like you already.

Cfnm for her viewing pleasure said...
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Anonymous said...

Agree 100. Men should always be totally naked around girls and women. At school,on the job,or at home.

Jean Luc said...

I love these CFNM situations where women are totally clothed. Here is a video of me on a bus stop some years ago. I am fully naked with fully clothed ladies that I do not know. LOL