Friday, September 24, 2021

 B R I G H T O N      W N B R     2 0 2 1


Anonymous said...

She's gorgeous and dressed of course whereas he is naked for her gaze :=)

Anonymous said...

Just a hint of a smile on her face
Well it's not everyday you see your work colleague naked

Anonymous said...

Dear Marie, dear Linda,

Would so much like to visit a cfnm-party somewhere, Could any of you tell me where exactly to find
Information about where and when there's such an event somewhere in tThe Netherlands please?
Thank you so much!
Best cfnm regards,


CFNM1976 said...

Oasis aqua lounge in Toronto had some from time to time. It was a better experience walk into around with girls who were not naked while I was naked. Speaks from experience. There should be no male clothing in the world. You haven't lived until you have been on a cock leash naked being lead around by a clothed woman or have her sitting there gently playing with your penis and testicles with her foot. I try to tell people if you do try CfNM. You will never want to be dressed Infront of a woman again.

NudeVinzAtl said...

So well put, CFNM1976. I already never want to be dressed in front of a woman again just from the power of your words and experience. It's how we belong.