Monday, September 27, 2021

Couples love taking a selfie

Since the digital photo began all couples have been taking (private) naked selfies.

More and more often men pose naked and their partners dressed.

Often women love grabbing him while posing.


Anonymous said...

Dear Marie, dear Linda,

Would so much like to visit a cfnm-party somewhere. Could any of you tell me where exactly to find
Information about where and when there's such an event somewhere in The Netherlands please?
Thank you so much in advance!
Best cfnm regards,


CFNM1976 said...

Where in the world are you?

CFNM1976 said...

The truest and best form of CFNM ever./. This is what makes CFNM worth living for./.

NudeVinzAtl said...

What a great couple, and a perfect way for the couple to be dressed (and undressed).

Diana said...

Lucky girl. Lucky guy.

Anonymous said...

She loves his cock so much she wants all her friends to see it

Anonymous said...

a sexy photo of them !

Manet said...

Fabulous. Love seeing a fully clothed woman stroking her man's cock.