Saturday, April 02, 2022

Oblation run, girls have fun while boyfriends suffer

Male students run naked among a crowd of girls happy to see naked boys.

Sometimes also their dressed boyfriends are with them in the audience ...

... dressed, embarrassed and humiliated while their girlfriends laugh, take photos, comment and scream while watching many cocks and balls on full display! 

That couple on the right of the first photo is a great example: her hand is touching her boy while saying: 

"look at that brave guys, true men showing themselves in the nude, not shy and scary like you !! Next time, be brave, nundress and run naked you too!"

The boyfriend is very embarrassed while his girlfriend is watching the other guys naked

A lot of girls laughing at naked males and jocking with the other dressed guys

the naked boy gives red roses to the girls ... while the other dressed guy shows a tight lipped smile

and the embarrassment of the dressed boy amuses girls even more

more girls enjoying naked males whith other dressed guys

the girl has a lot of fun among a bunch of naked boys and her dressed boyfriend!


The Naked Guy said...

"While boyfriends suffer"

Maybe I'm weird but getting to run nude sounds like the exact opposite!

Buckeye5395 said...

The Oblation Run would be a lot better if the men did not wear masks.
These runs brings out different positions of the willy captured in time in a perpendicular position to the body in the top photo.

Anonymous said...

it appears that the dressed males are also laughing and having fun

Anonymous said...

You are not truly naked if your face is covered. I'm really looking forward to the WNBR season here in the UK, totally naked is the only way to go, and the ladies prefer it that was I think

Anonymous said...

I would love to see runs like this in every city in the world but how about doing it monthly instead of once a year? I do not think there is a girl that has not seen a naked male and that is the way it should be. CFNM should be universal at as many events as possible. As for the males seeing a naked girl, sorry about your luck that is not going to happen even though you are naked with loads of girls looking at you.

Anonymous said...

Looking foward to having CFNM common in every city. Keep the gals dressed and the males naked.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you. They shouldn’t wear mask and/or covered. And more braver to wear naked full frontal in event.