Monday, April 18, 2022


CFNM is the growing trend in boudoir photography

Is he her man or a model for a shoot to be sent to her hubby?


George said...

Got to love seeing this best of trends expanding!

Anonymous said...

Need to have a female photographer who has a couple of daughters to help. (the girls can have several of their girlfriends come watch too.

CFNM1976 said...

In the grand scheme of things... I hope this trend continues./.

NudeVinzAtl said...

What a great photo! Him completely unadorned. I wish I was in the same situation right now.

Buckeye5395 said...

This guy looks like a model.
Close to as good as it gets.
He would be a big hit at a CFNM party.
And lady, I like your skirt.

Anonymous said...

Lady, I like your skirt, I like everything about you. Wonder what's underneath. I guess the linegrie is black.
Partially see-through pushup bra with curved lace. Impressing size. And a matching tiny panties.
A woman a man would gladly obey if given the order to undress and masturbate for.
A woman in total control over men.
A woman who rules...!

Pimmelchen xxx

cfnmlover said...

having done that kind of thing before, I can say that it is always fun:).

Anonymous said...

I say it’s a coworker. She is doing a shoot to send to her husband to make him jealous and more attentive! I once challenged my wife to get a dick pick to send me, she has not completed the challenge as of yet.

Anonymous said...

How to identify a real man? When standing completely nude besides a mature woman sooooo sexy and clothed, his dick is in total erection. So, the guy of the pic must be just a sissy. My cipote is now rock hard just imagining that yummy female besides me.